Saturday, 3 February 2007

Hidden joys

'Bad day was today, yes it was, '
On his way to Tony's school, he thought,
'How could he fire me, my boss,
for whatever was not my fault.'

He flushed with anger, it was fact,
He discredited his word, his honcho,
The transgressor, of course, didn't react,
He felt an urge to smoke tobacco.

For cigarette he stopped, his scooter Bajaj,
Looked for his wallet, it was gone, stolen,
Depression grew showed his visage,
'Can anything worse now happen?'

It poured that morning, cloudy it was now,
Six year old smiled as arrived his dad,
Misery in mind maintained to grow,
O Dear! What a bad day he had.

The scooter wobbled, it crossed a pit small,
He was tensed but in action quickly,
With great effort he prevented a fall,
Nudging the boy to ground safely.

'Oh God! I suffered a lot' was his complaint,
The boy clapped and jumped and in triumphant shout,
Said,"Papa, do it once more" , the 'Stunt',
First smile of the day on his face, this innocence brought.

At low ebb, when one looks around,
Darkness and darkness is what they see,
Such small and hidden joys surround,
Happiness and happiness they bring to thee.

P.S. Part of the story is true.
One should not miss small joys in life, they really refresh you.
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