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Blog Carnival : Writers Lounge

This Carnival is for the writers who love to write fiction but short. It can be anything fantasy, SciFi, drama, love, relationships, children stories, etc.....But keep in should be short!!!!

So go ahead and submit your stories. There is no submitting guidelines but stories whose word count is less than or equal to 500 will be given most preference. Go to Blog carnival.

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Blog Carnival : I Dream Of

Everybody is doing some job but not all are satisfied with it. They have some dreams and aspirations that they want to achieve or just a little dream of becoming a bird and fly over the world.

Welcome to the October 28, 2009 edition of i dream of. This was supposed to be posted on Nov 7th but I am posting this earlier.

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These are what I felt was somewhat related to the carnival. That concludes this edition. I by the way think this didnot turned out as I expected, so I will be closing this carnival and will be posting a new one. Thanks and checkout for the new one soon.

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Friday, 23 October 2009

The Tiger Of Vizianagaram

Disclaimer: This is a work of Fiction. :)

"What is the most intriguing thing in the world?" asked the old man breathing his last.

His forehead showed three parallel streaks on the loose skin as the brows moved in together, yet his visage showed an unusual serenity. He gestured to his youngest son while lying on a wooden cot to bring him the dagger resting on the table as his elder son looked on sitting beside him. As the crying lad, with his eyes raining like the blackest of the clouds, moved to grab the shining, sharp metal he thought of the men in uniform who had chased down a group of helpless men last night, abusing and hitting as bad as they could. One of the helpless men being his old, crippled father, Dantuluri Govindraju, respectfully known as Guru garu.

As Dhananjaya, presented the dagger to his father forwarding both his hands on which it was loosely held, the dying man gave a faint smile and said, “You are my strong Dhanu.”
He then looked onto the solemn face of Narayana as if to tell him to take good care of his younger brother after him. Narayana could read his eyes and replied with a weak nod. “You remember the ‘Tiger of Bobbili’ , that I had taught you about?” he asked, without expecting an answer in return as he knew the answer would be in a ‘yes’. He remembered the faces of his students when he used to narrate them the tale of the Tiger of Bobbili. He continued, in a dull, cracked voice unlike his classroom lectures which used to be full of animation, “The valorous Tiger of Bobbili did not kill himself like the other citizens of Bobbili. He not only fought his kingdom back but also through his intelligence and bravery earned himself a title of ‘Tiger’.”

The two brothers listened in silence remembering the story which their father had taught them the whole life. They remembered the quick movements their father used to make with his right arm, the only arm he had, in the classroom of Maharaja Vidyalaya. Guru garu continued holding the dagger in the same arm, “Alas! The time is near, the time when our country will need such tigers, not one, not two, but in hundred and thousands. That Tiger after more than a hundred years should be reborn among you and your brothers.”

He handed the dagger by its grip to Narayana while Dhanunjaya moved forward, raised his hand and put on the dagger’s grip over his brothers palm. They clutched it tightly while looking at each other when the same weak voice continued, “It’s a decade since the resistance first started. We must not forget Tatya Tope’s valor or Rani Lakshmi Bai’s sacrifice.”

Dhanunjaya until now had the few British men in his mind to be avenged for his father’s condition but suddenly a greater reason took over. But he was confused as such incidents had rarely occurred in Vizianagaram, at least not in his lifetime. It had been quite a peaceful town, developing with traders and education institutions. Ironically, Maharaja Vidyalaya was founded in 1857, the year of the mutiny.

“I never told the stories of our forerunners just to your amusement,” continued his father, “But I have no more time left of me to teach you further. I foresee a time when such incidents will grow to larger proportions and suffering will be common. Realizing about it then will be too late to act. Take this dagger and use it when necessary, not for flaunting your power but for freedom. Its time for me to go.”

The teenage brothers sat there when their father asked them the last question, “What is the most intriguing thing in the world?”

He answered himself with a smile, “Death, especially if you die for your motherland.”

Narayana and Dhanunjaya stared as his father faced the most fascinating thing in the world. He had left behind him two burning torches.

Narayana lived the next forty-six years of his life teaching and nurturing young minds with the lesson that his father had taught them on his death bed.

Dhanunjaya, the very next year being only 14 then, avenged his father’s killers and later on formed a group of guerilla fighters and went on to fight against the Englishmen. In 1899, at the age of 54, after a long one-on-one fight, he was martyred by a young sepoy. Dhanunjaya’s valor and courage were being compared to that of Tipu Sultan, another ‘Tiger’ who fought until death exactly one hundred years ago in Seringapatnam.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Lost Symbol - An opinion

Finally I have read, after a long gap in my reading habit, the intriguing book by Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol. You can read this article, it reveals nothing about the book that will spoil the thrill of reading the book if you have not read it yet.

The first mistake anybody would do is to compare it with other writings of Dan Brown, especially the ones featuring Robert Langdon. Let me do that mistake, I am no exception. When it comes to detailing of the characters, of history and the story, all his five books get equal points. Looking at the 'fast-pace' perspective, this one is behind Angels and Demons and Digital Fortress and on par with The DaVinci Code. The style, he uses his trademark style of writing, i.e Novel divided into chapters, chapters run parallel stories, each story runs back and forth in time and in different timelines and all the stories destined to converge on one platform. Boy, I like this style, impressive!

Robert Langdon chases a secret, the secret of the Ancient Mysteries, that is hidden 'somewhere out there'. Although you dont feel the urgency in the need to find out the secret for the first half of the book, but then it catches the pace and the anxiety increases. Ah yes, the secret, that is a secret that could give you ultimate wisdom, a secret that could transform you into no one but god, a secret that could bring order in chaos, the greatest secret, the untold secret, the best-kept secret, the word 'secret' is repeated no less than 230 times in the book. A few places it becomes a little frustrating and you ask yourself, "What the heck is this secret!!!" The secret is no-where as shocking as the one in Da Vinci Code.

Coming to the puzzles or codes, I liked all of them except two. You cannot even guess and even if you do it will always be wrong! My knowledge in the history of religions, US of A and freemasonry is zero, so atleast I couldn't guess.

And the philosophy involved in the book, hmm, I dont agree with it. Although, Dan Brown, through his characters, kept on insisting his philosophy, which even made a strong personality like Robert Langdon to think, and the emphasis that this philosophy is "followed in all religion", I think in Islam, this philosophy is regarded the greatest sin. As a muslim I can speak of Islam, as I know. No where in the Holy Quran or the Hadith, ever it is written of this philosophy, not even indirectly. It is just that Dan knows the etymology of words or history of symbols which have mostly Greek or Latin origins, but yes No where in this book he says that Islam also speaks of this philosophy. He gives a general statement, "in all religion". Dont worry, the book is not about Islam, I am just presenting my perspective. :)

And one final point, that I am very happy about is that I can relate to Dan Brown in one important point. This book urges the people to do one thing that I urged when I wrote a post about "Angels and Demons" and another post, "Why do we fast?" The request, by both of us is the same. :)

Finally I hope you will now read, for the sake of the secret, for the intricacy of ancient puzzles, for the thoughtfulness of the philosophy or just for the love of books or to find out why did I highlight the word 'read' in bold. :)

Do let me know if this was a nice review, I tried to create the curiosity among you, what a review must do! And my review of this book starts and ends in the title... The Lost Symbol is an opinion.


Friday, 16 October 2009

A Few Good Gestures

One day me and my friend Kishore were returning home on a bike when we decided to buy some snacks from a local super market. As I reached the shop, I looked for a place to park my bike. An empty space behind some movable iron railings on the road looked auspicious. That space was meticulously created as an auto stand, with one entrance and one exit, such that only one auto can come inside while only one auto can go out. Without realising that we entered the space (the fact that all the autos were in juxtapose outside the space along the railings), when somebody objected. The exit was blocked by an auto and as I turned my vehicle back I saw another auto approaching. I thought that this guy will come inside the parking space and I waited for him. But he stopped his auto just at the entrance and got out of the auto blocking me inside. I was there surrounded by autos no place to get out. Ideally, I should have been outside and the autos should have been inside.

I said to the auto driver, while Kishore got down the bike, "Boss, thoda peeche le lo, ek second ke liye," (Boss, please move behind(the vehicle) for a second) gesturing him that I will make out if he does.

The auto driver, a dark-man, wearing a bright blue Honolulu-shirt and having short hairs said something in his local language of which I could only make out words like, "Auto stand, bike, inside, why"

"Boss, please, thoda sa bas." (Boss, please, Just a little). I gestured again.

He gestured to me to get out of the exit. At this point I thought whether he was drunk but his stability doesnot looked like he was drunk. I saw his face and gestured that the exit too is blocked and said, "Please." My friend also said, "Thoda peeche, choti si baat hai" (A little backwards, a small thing to do.)

Not sure whether he understood hindi or not, but I was sure that he was in a mood to fight. The fact that he has his fellow drivers nearby (who too I supposed then were idiots like this guy) to support him. He said again in local launguage, which is kannada, of which I could make out as, "O , o, What are you talking, grr?" in an angry voice.

I thought, "Saale, bina baal ka khaal kiu nikaal raha hai!" (%^&*, why creatinig fuss over nothing?).
"I can pull the railing a bit," said my friend to me and pulled one to create a space. The driver kept blabbering and I kept thinking, "Bewakoof aadmi" (Stupid person).

Just then two autos in front of his moved creating another space for me and before this 'ready-to-fight', 'suspected-drunk' driver could move his, I pulled my bike out of the 'supposed-to-be' auto stand. I left with my friend and parked my bike at another place in an angry mood(for a while).

To err is human, which I did by entering the 'No-Parking' space.
But To grrrrr, without a cause, is INHUMAN, which the driver did.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Run

I was running as fast as I can, never looking back,breathing heavily. But every step I took forward my mind moved backwards in time. I didnt know why. I thought if only I can run faster, for my home was not much far away. It never occurred to me that I could have hired a taxi or atleast asked for a 'lift'. I just ran towards my past.

I remembered how I used to struggle to take out 75 paise from my 'good luck' every afternoon to buy an ice cream without breaking it. And I remembered just when I started earning 75000 Rupees every month. I touched the back pocket of my trousers to check my wallet while I ran incessantly.

I remembered the first time when I met my wife. The smile on her face was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and when she had lowered her eyes with shyness I was lost in another world. And I remembered just the previous day when we had exchanged harsh words in anger. I touched the ring in my finger as I moved forward and adjusted it a little. I was completely drenched in sweat.

I remembered how I used to work through late nights, almost everynight, so that I was not behind others. And I remembered just in recent times, when I had stayed late for parties and fun. I was a few steps from my home when suddenly my feet slowed down.

I saw quite a number of people around the main gate of my home. I saw an ambulance parked and I was frightened to death. What if my wife or parents had met with an accident. I just couldnot move further but I had to. I moved slowly towards the gate, hoping everyone to be fine but alas! As I opened the gate with my shaky hands and entered, I saw a lifeless body, draped head to toe in a white cloth, lying right in front of the main door and my mom covering her face with her saree and crying eternally. My eyes searched for my wife, I saw her crying with tears never ending. Dad! I dragged my legs towards my dad, sleeping forever. Every step seemed like a mile. As I reached near I couldnot stand anymore. I fell on my knees and never knew when tears started flowing down my eyes. As I reached the drape, I heard the gate opened. Although I didnot look back, I heard a voice calling my mom. I was surprised and when I turned, to my happiness, I saw my dad who had just come back from his office. It was a mixed feeling as I was happy my dad was alright, but I was confused who the man-in-white could be. I quickly lifted the drape to check and my world was shatterred. It was me!

The whole life I never tried to search for my soul and now when I am lying there, lifeless, I dont know where my soul is.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Dan Brown: The Lost Symbol

I wanted to revive my reading habit and what's better than reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. Just got hold of an ebook, will post my comments after reading it. Must be as thrilling and as adventurous as Da Vinci Code. And less controversial :P.
Has any body read it? Or want to read it?
Please tell me about it, or the expectations... would love to hear.
Till then Ciao.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Fountain of Youth

I am not sure whether it is a good news or not, but scientists have found the fountain of youth. Yes, although not exactly the ones in the fable, which I am sure they will not. As the scientists put it, after experimenting on mice, rats and primates, "We have added life to their years as well years to their life." Meaning they not only succeeded in increasing the lifespan of the creature but also in achieving a healthier and more immune life. Kudos, this is indeed a great achievement.

But these results were obtained only with the female primates whereas their male counterparts showed no significant change in their age. However both showed improvement in health status.
I am sorry for the guys... :P

Probably this may later on be experimented more to explain the ages of prophets mentioned in Christian, Islamic and Jewish scriptures. Prophet Moses (pbuh) age, believed to be, 120 years; Prophet Abraham's (pbuh) age 175 years, Prophet Enoch's (pbuh) age 365 years, Prophet Adam's (pbuh) age 930 years and Prophets Noah's (pbuh) age 950 years.
Whoa, unbelievable? At the face of it yes, but a little thought over it will give you the answer, "Why not?"

Why am I skeptical whether it is a good news or not? I dont know, what will people do living so long. The Prophets (peace be upon them) had a mission, a genuine purpose. We have only one purpose, sin. Cheating, Killing, Persecution, Greed and what not. If we are to live longer just to achieve this, then I would humbly request the scientists to stop their research.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Legends of the modern man : Alms

Manoj, had been a trader, a middleman through out his 15 year old career and he doesnot want to be it anymore. He says he cannot find satisfaction in what he is earning.

"Whatever I earn, at the end of the month when I calculate, I see my earnings vanish like a ghost. My expenditures are more yet they are legitimate and basic. My savings are meager and I just cant think of expanding my business with such less savings," complained Manoj to his wife, Sarala while his twelve-year old son sleeps happily in another room.
Sarala advised, "Why dont you take some tips from Sanjay, he is doing quite well in business."
Manoj replied, "Hmm, let me talk to him tomorrow. Only God can help us now."

Next day, Manoj and Sanjay were sitting in their shop and talking. Manoj started, "Sanjay, I dont seem to get good profit these days and I dont see where the problem lies."

Sanjay replied, "Yes, the market looks a little dull these days."

"No Sanjay, Its been since quite a few months. Can you give me any tip being a friend of mine?"

"Hmm, You are an intelligent man and in this business for quite a long time. You know all the tricks of the trade, what can I teach you? You are following the tricks, aren't you?" replied Sanjay in a gradually reducing volume.

Manoj whispered, "Yes, I am. I have trained my boys to be attentive. They weigh the goods in such a way that no customer ever doubted, in the past 10 years, that the weight is less by an inadequate amount. Also I have price set for some most selling goods so that it gives me maximum profit. These things are common Sanjay. Also my sales are the same for last few months. I dont know whats happening to my money."

"You are not praying to God I think," doubted Sanjay.

"Its not like that.."

Sanjay cut him short, "Are you paying your alms?"

"Aanh, yes, whenever some poor asks me I giv.."

"No, no no... Not like that. You have to feed the poor by yourself, I say perform a puja and feed fifty-one poor people with your hands. Consult a pandit if you want."

"You think that will increase my savings?"

"When the Gods are happy, prosperity is not far away, my friend."

Afterword: What a shame!! What a foolishness!!

One place they are trying to please God by serving Fifty-one Poor people with their own hands, just once in a year or Six-months may be and on the other hand they are earning the wrath of God by cheating their customers, every single day since fifteen years and more.

And they complain about savings......

Such people who feel divine by giving alms to the poor, they should know that they are giving that which never belonged to them.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

A gift to 1000th Visitor

1000 visitors in two months is not bad for a start. :) But its also just a drop in the ocean. I have added sitemeter to track visitors on my site and to check the various resources my blog site is being visited through. It has done a fairly good job till now although it not 100% accurate.

Basically what I need from you people is keep reading my blogs. That is the only remuneration a blogger can get. From my side, I assure to keep on writing. Till now I have written on stuff that are general but old. I will try to start and write about ongoing hot-questions and put my views on it. I am just a little cold feet about it. The starting problem is the main problem with me. Hope I overcome it for this one. Wish me all the best.

Aah, the gift. What gift can I give? But before that I should know who my 1000th visitor is. Sitemeter can give me location and part IP address of the visitor, but I would not know who it is, unless it is ME. So, anxiously I checked the sitemeter website and discovered that 1000th visitor was no other than me. The fact that the location is given as Bombay and not Hyderabad where I am now may be due that it is tracking my network on Reliance communications (wireless) as from Bombay. Nevertheless it is me. What can i gift myself....?

May be next time, 2000th visitor is not me and somebody else, and I get a chance to gift him/her. So visit my blogs frequently for the prize.... LOL.

Please bless me that it reaches to 100,000 visitors soon.
Do let me know if any tips to do that....


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