Sunday, 1 July 2007

No man's land.

I opened my eyes to find myself in awe.The deafening noise and the blurred vision aggravated the situation.I felt I was in Abaddon.As time ameliorated my senses,I was aghast to find myself in No Man's Land.Apace I jumped across a big stone and landed inside a gully between the battlefield as if Almighty had made it for me.Atlest for a momemt I was safe from the raging bullets.
Who were the adversaries of each other? What was the action about? Where was I? And the most important question,HOW DID I GET THERE? The state of amnesia ended quickly. I recollected that the dial on my time machine showed the year 2116 A.D. So, I was in near future.
A surge of silence broke my thoughts. It was my chance to peek at the armies. On one side I saw soldiers of USA and UK in the ambush. I could recognise their flags. I wondered whether I was in Iraq and whether my time machine had worked accurately? As I turned to see the other army, I was dumb-struck.
Although it was not an open ground, I could see armies of atleast seven nations taking positions. These included Russia, India, Iraq, Pakistan, Germany and many more I had no time to recognise. It was the war between allies of USA and UK and the allies of rest of the world. Was it that the various nations amalgamated against the atrocities of USA? Or was it that USA had augmented such powers in 110 years that it can take over the world all at once rather than one by one and thus became an assailant? It was not an auspicious time to analyse. As I struggled to reach my machine which was lying nearby I was in an abominable situation as firing started again. My agility helped me and I was safe returning to past.
Though the war on Iraq was amoral, I do not think war is a solution to war. Such antipathy,antagonism,aborrence and animosity would only lead to annihilation of humankind.
One has to realize one's responsibilities towards humanity and endeavor to fulfil them. Or else suffer with the aftermath of anarchism. I donot have proof to adduce my article but I believe it is true as I have experienced this. On my way back, I had a sojourn in 2038 A.D. I found myself addressing a conference in United Nations about this. I was the Prime Minister of India then.


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