Saturday, 29 August 2009


Ok, Its been a long wait and I am able to get only three questions (I expected atleast Five). I cant wait no more. So here are the answers to the three questions. If anybody still want to ask me questions (depending on whether you like my answers or not), go ahead and post a question in the comment. Thanks for your questions, I am feeling better now. :)

1.Mr.Unknown asked...although he was kidding...:
"What is the result of 34343+645453*432432432-9433+
5893483*42232323 = ??"
The first thing that came to my mind was my maths sir in school who taught us the BODMAS rule.
Brackets Of Division Multiplication Addition Substraction, the flow to be followed while doing a solution. But then I saw that huge numbers are involved...
7 digit number * 8 digit number will give me 14 or 15 digit number.
We normally use calculators that use 10 digit numbers, beyond that it gives an error.

Then I thought of doing it in C language, but upon learning I got that we use a 32-bit processor, and in C language, even a long int datatype can store a number as large as 2^32 which is equal to 4294967296(10 Digits). (As long int stores from 0(zero), so the maximum number would be 4294967295)
Then I thought, hmm. Let try out in Windows Calculator first...And Voila...
The answer is: 528010288207615 (15 Digits)

The reason being Windows Calculator uses 128-bit floating point precision that allows it work with numbers as long as 32 digits..
Looks like same is the case with Excel Sheet.. :)
2.Swetha Asked..."why do we sometimes feel sad,frustrated or low.. for no reason at all? "
(Basically my perception, there can be others answers too for this Question)
Let me put my answer as a flow of events.Humans need attention, humans have relations with people at various levels and all maintained simultaneously, at home, at school/college, at office, friends circle, at a religious centre, in the market and finally with strangers. All these groups of people again contains closed ones, elders, buddies and young. Lets just say, my wife, unusually, gave me coffee(which I dont like) from two days instead of tea (probably just for a change of taste), my mother, unusually, didnot talk to me much since two days (probably her health is not good, but I dont see that at that time), my friend, unusually, went on to have lunch with his friend leaving me behind from two days (probably a closed one to him gave him a visit), my colleague, unusually, didnot ask me any doubt or question from two days (probably he is busy or he didnot have any doubt), myself, unusually, had a fight with a stranger on the road for not driving properly (not sure if it was my mistake). All these 'unusual' events, that took place around same time, will leave me thinking, "Whats going on. No one thinks I exist. And nothing is going my way." I will be left 'unattended' and hence bored, sad and frustated. Nothing has gone wrong with me, everything is normal, yet I feel low.
Hope my answer makes sense.

3.Sanjay asked me...(on Gtalk while chatting and after reading my previous post)..."Do you know what am I going to ask you?"
This is the chat :)
santapse: :) ek question poochu
as ur blog was saying
me: haa puch
santapse: so here goes.....
me: "melody ki choclatey kaise bani?
santapse: :P
This is one of the trick questions that any body can ask. As I has said in my previous post that I will try to search and research to find an answer, I did. When he said, "here goes" only thing I understood was he was going to ask me a 'bablaboo' question and so I guessed and asked him whether he was going to ask about melody choclate (Remember the Ad??).
So only thing to note is that, I correctly guessed that he was about to ask me something weird only by a sentence of his, "here goes." He was not face-to-face with me and even if he was I am not a good face reader neither a good observer of body language.

So whats my point??? My point is that people who claim that they can foretell future, i.e., Fortune Tellers, are nothing but good observers. My perception is that, these people are very, very good readers of demeanor of the body. They read body language, face expressions and make a few roundabout general statements that seem to be specific about a person and makes him believe that he is foretelling future. In fact he is just pulling a fast one.

I am not sure if someone can tell the future, but I am sure that most of the 'professional' fortune tellers canNOT tell the future.

I need not research the answer to this question as I know the answer and that is, NO.

I didnt know that he was going to ask me, "Do you know what I am going to ask you?" :P

Friday, 28 August 2009

Please ask me a question.

I am down in confidence, I dont know why.
I feel like I dont have enough knowledge about things in the world and beyond.
I dont know what to study and what not to.
Basically I want to know about things.
What things, all Sort of things.
So Why am I posting this on my blog, Coz I need your help.
How can you help me, hmmm.

Why dont you ask me a question,? Any question.
Any question that can give me knowledge, probably to you and others too...
Any question that comes to your mind right now or any question that has troubled you since ages...
Any question that you want to test my efforts to search for an answer or any question that you are genuinely seeking an answer....
Please excuse questions like the ones on TV show 'The Moment of Truth' (Sach Ka Saamna->Indian Version)
Please excuse questions like "Why did the chicken cross the road, Or Whos first, Hen or an egg?"

Just post the question as a comment to this post.. As soon as I get minimum five questions I will try to search an answer for them and Post it on this site. If I cant find the answer myself I will ask others to answer it.

This way I think I can learn a lot. Main idea behind it is learning..

Really hoping that you people will help me get out of my frustration...

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Why do we fast?

Today is the first day of Ramazan (or Ramadan), the ninth month of Islamic Calender.

Just yesterday people at my office asked me, "Why do you fast?"
And before I could reply I got an answer from another colleague, a non-muslim, saying, "Prophet Mohammed(Peace be Upon Him) Ke liye." That is, "For Prophet Mohammed(pbuh)."
Another friend also said something which unfortunately I couldnt understand and he wouldnt repeat again.

This is not the first time that I was asked this question. Another answer which I have heard from a friend is, "When you fast you know what its like feeling hungry and you remember those unfortunate people on earth who are poor and hungry and then you will help them more."

Some say, "Fasting is a way of worship, in almost all religions, this way you come closer to God."

In a way all these reasons or explanations look fine, but either these reasons are empty or incomplete.

Fasting, as defined in Islam, is to 'completely' abstain from food, drinks, intimate intercourses and smoking, from the break of the dawn till the sunset for the entire month of Ramadan, which basically is of 29 or 30 days.

I said, "The primary and the only reason a muslim observes fasting is to increase the fear and/or the love of God in him."

The ordain of Fasting in Ramadan comes in the Holy Quran:
" O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, so that you may develop Taqwa. (self restraint) [2:183]"
When the companions of the Prophet(May Allah be pleased with them) asked what is Taqwa to Prophet Muhammad(pbuh), the Prophet (pbuh) replied "Taqwa ha huna", "Taqwa ha huna", "Taqwa ha huna" (Taqwa is here) pointing to heart (3 times).

So a muslim only fasts to attain the Taqwa, which is nothing but God Consiousness.
All other benefits comes attached to it but they are not the reason why a muslim fasts.

Some ask, "How come staying hungry in the day increases fear of God in you?"

Simply staying hungry doesn't.

Abu Huraira(May Allah be pleased with him) related that Rasulullah(pbuh) said: Many people who fast get nothing from their fast except hunger and thirst, and many people who pray at night get nothing from it except wakefulness (Darimi).

Meaning apart from abstaining from food and desires, we should abstain from backbiting, gossiping, usage of harsh words, vulgarity and all such things that nullifies fasting.
And we should follow the prayers in time and the special night prayer of Ramazan, called as Taraweeh, is also mandatory. Basically the heart and mind should be filled with humility.
Only then the true values of fasting can be attained.

I need not list the worldly advantages of fasting and control. It is known to all.

Hope this article was useful.
One suggestion at the end:
Just yesterday my friend was saying, "People who have a little knowledge never think or never take interest in things."
And I agree with him.
That is the reason why people who gave answers above never increase their knowledge database as they think they know the complete answer but in fact they don't.
So never be complacent with what you know, as there is a ocean to be known about.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Seven Years in Tibet-Synopsis

Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian climber, heads out from his home land, leaving an 'expecting' wife, to hoist the national flag on the peak of Nanga Parbat and thanks to Adolf Hitler returns only after 12 years, that too without conquering the feat. But he brings back home something more valuable and cherishable.

When I started this movie first thing I did was scold my friend to bring such a boring and slow movie but then I realised this was brought by me from somewhere I dont remember. Then I started scolding the 'unknown' source. But I continued only to watch Danny Denzongpa, an Indian Actor, to work along with Brad Pitt. As the movie continued I was feeling what Harrer would have felt. Until half of the movie I didnot know that this was a true story.

He was captured before he could climb the whole of the Nanga Parbat as the Second World War had started and the then British Government of India took the climbers as prisoners of war for steping into their soil. He had spent two years in a Dehradun jail where he received divorce notice from his wife through post. The scene where he jumps on barbed wire to break it and burst out his sadness is one of the great scenes in the movie. With the help of a fellow climber, Peter Aufschnaiter, who later on becomes his good friend, he escapes the prison. Both of them land into Tibet and enters the mysterious city of Lhasa where still a child, the 14th Dalai Lama was given the knowledge of religion. Dalai Lama used to watch the people through a telescope and this is where he sees the only two foreigners ever to put foot in the forbidden city. He liked the 'yellow' hair of Harrer observed him everyday. Meanwhile Harrer and Peter meet the only cloth designer and tailor in the city and both fall in love with her. But Pema falls for Peter and Harrer is alone again. So he writes to his son. And then the War ends and all seems to be going good for Harrer as he prepares to travel back home. But one night he recieves a letter saying, "You are not my father, so stop writing letters to me." Everything ends again. The next morning he receives another letter from a kid, the Dalai Lama, showing his interests to meet Harrer.

Harrer meets the Dalai Lama and becomes his tutor, teaching him almost anything. And his seven years of stay in tibet finds him a very good friend in the Dalai Lama. He returns back to Austria to meet his son, just before the Communist Chinese capture of tibet and the Dalai Lama becoming the leader of the government-in-exile of Tibet. Tibet still remains under China and the Dalai Lama lives in India still fighting for the liberation of Tibet.

Harrer went on to conquer many mountains after that along with his son and died in 2006 at the age of 93.

This is a movie made in great detail and brings out very strong human emotions to life.

You hate when the chinese commander makes the statement, "Religion is poison."
You get inspired when the Dalai Lama preaches, "If some problem can be solved, its unnecessary to worry about it and if some problem cannot be solved then it is useless to worry about it."

Later on I went to Wiki pages to study about Tibet and its history and got to know about the Dalai Lamas (Gurus) and that every Dalai Lama is a reincarnation of his predecessor. Although I dont believe in reincarnation, yet it is fascinating to study about it.

It is unfortunate that this world makes the most peace loving people, who cares so as not to hurt even an earthworm, enter into war and struggle.

With a hope that Tibet will be liberated soon.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Fantastic Contraption

It is 3:53 AM in the morning and I am starting to write this blog with a blank mind.

My friend is sound sleep. He is lying on his bed in a "Hands-up" position as if his delivery manager has put a gun on his head and with his mouth open. Aghhh. Guess his manager forgot to tape his mouth.

I have just completed two of my work from my checklist and still have five left. Dont mistake me to be a lazy guy or someone who cannot finish his work on time, its just I work at night.

Its 4.03 Am now.

After scratching my head for three minutes I thought why not inform you people of good, brainy, online physics game called Fantastic Contraption. For those who know it already, can skim/skip this post.

The basic goal of this game is to move an object (in pink, can be of any size or shape) from a blue area to a pink area using wheels and rods. Like moving a ball in a bucket.

You have a clockwise yellow wheels, Anti-clockwise purple wheels and stationary, unpowered blue wheel. These move when connected by a rod to its center only the blue wheel needs a push or a pull from any source.

There are two types of rod for connecting the wheels. One Blue Water Rod and Other Solid Wood Rods. Water rods have the ability to pass thru other rods and doesnot have the abitlity to stop or hold the target object. Solid Rods cannot pass thru any other object.

There are 21 Freeware levels in the game that can be played online. Obviously the difficulty of the levels increase by each level. Full version of the game can be bought for $10 and it has option of creating our own custom made levels.

After you complete each level you get a chance to see the contraptions made by other users and believe me they are very nice and always better than ours. :)

Play this game to get a hang of it and you will not leave it until you complete all the 21 levels.

I have played it for a whole day in office without doing work. (Shhhh....)

My favourite levels are Tube and Unpossible.

I faced difficulty in Four Walls and Awash. (My friend Vamshi helped me complete this).

So here is the link..

Its 4:29 AM now and it started raining. I will go to sleep now, have to meet a guy at 8 45 in the morning.


Saturday, 15 August 2009

All About Hussain: Two Knights and A Queen

Two Knights and A Queen

The school was done for the day and all students left except a few who stayed back for “extra hour” of study. Our Head Mistress took an extra effort to head these few students who took an extra effort to study and learn. My sister and Kiran’s sister were in the same class and who were taking this tuitions. Kiran and I too stayed with them. That day as soon as the tuition started and Madam entered the class both of us stood and said, “Madam, we don’t have any homework today.”

“Oh, ok. Not even to study anything?”

“Anh, we have a hindi poem to read,” said Kiran.

“Ok, study then, and then recite it out to me, Aloud! Without seeing!”

We wanted to go out and play but the poem was not too hard to learn it by heart. We quickly recited the poem to her and hesitatingly asked her, “Madam, Can we go out and play?”

She smiled and said, “Ok, But don’t go outside the school.”

We ran out of the class as two happy souls, who had nothing to worry about except the fact that the tuition was only for an hour and after that we cannot play. We first had a race to reach the sports room first and when we reached there we really laughed out loud without worrying about who had won the race. We ran back again, but as we reached to the door of the class Madam was in, we suddenly started walking for the fear that Madam would call us back again. As we moved ahead and she couldn’t see us, we started running again. We ran back.

Just then I saw “Choti Madam” (Younger Madam) coming from opposite direction. She was the daughter to our Principal and we seldom see her in our school. I asked Kiran to stop and said, “Kiran, Choti Madam is coming. What to do? We would have to wish her!!”

“What to do?” asked Kiran. We both were afraid to even wish her. I said, “Idea! When she comes we will start tying our shoe lace and pretend we didn’t see her.”

It was a small corridor where she came walking and as soon as she entered the corridor we both sat down in opposite directions of the corridor facing each other, bend our heads and opened our shoe lace and started tying them. We were tying it slowly as she walked between the two of us. When I saw her walk completely past us I raised my head and saw Kiran who was smiling. We both saw her enter the classroom to meet our Madam. We quickly ran into other room and started giggling. We then started to search other classrooms if any student has forgotten anything.

Another fifteen minutes of our search operation got us an eraser which Kiran allowed me to keep on a condition that we both will use it equally. Everything was going fine until we saw Choti Madam coming back from the room. What were we supposed to do this time to avoid wishing her? We quickly saw each other’s face and unanimously came to a conclusion without talking to each other.

We suddenly sat down in opposite direction facing each other to tie the lace of the other shoe.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I am alone

I am alone,
In this dark small cabin,
Weeping and waiting,
For my family outside,
To walk away from me.
I am not,
They should worry about,
But themselves.
They are not,
I should worry about,
But myself.
They still can,
Choose and act,
I only can,
Stay still.
They will come back,
To my place,
Through different paths,
They will move,
From my place,
To different paths,
So will I.
All will meet,
Yet Everybody,
Will be Alone.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

All About Hussain: Reincarnation


Kids always find out a way to play being there a “New Rule” or not. It was an interval and as soon as the bell rang, we three friends ran out of the class to the open ground at the back of our school. We had to take a back door as that was the only way to get out. Once we were there we saw an ice cream seller with his hand driven small cubical box full of colorful and cool ice sticks. “Star” ice cream was my favourite. We thought of having it after lunch in ‘lunch period’.

“What shall we play?” asked Kiran.

“Out-out,” I said.

We then held each others hands and formed a circle. After swaying it twice in and out we suddenly put our right palm on the left one, either palm facing the sky or the ground. Since Kiran was left handed he put his left palm on the right one. Kiran and me had put the palm side up and Arun palm side down. So now we had to decide between me and Kiran as who will be the on who had to ‘touch’ first. We played again the same thing, Arun playing just as a deciding factor. And I won this time. And we ran, away from Kiran, for if he touches us we will be ‘out’. The term ‘out’ was borrowed from cricket I think, but actually we were not ‘out’ but now we had to touch someone to be safe. The last one before the bell rings who is in ‘out’ position is the one who loses.

Kiran plunged towards us and at a point where we (Arun and I) moved in different directions, he moved towards Arun. Seeing this I stopped and rested for a while. I saw Kiran chase Arun for a good distance; they climbed the ‘hill’ and came down, they went around the ‘grasslands’ and came back, they went on the ‘little desert’ and came back when both were exhausted. I was bored, they were playing the game and I was a spectator. Just then I saw an insect, a green big insect moving on the ground. I looked for a stone and grabbed one to hit the insect. I didn’t know when Kiran had touched Arun and Arun came after me to ‘touch’ me.

He saw me hit the insect and it was my first hit, to the target. He shouted, “Hey. What have you done!!”

“What? I said, "what happened?”

“You killed an innocent being.”

“Ah. Nothing will happen.”

“No, It is not good.”

Just then Kiran came running and put his arm around Arun and said, “What happened?”

“Hussain killed an insect,” said Arun.

“Haaa,” sighed Kiran, “Bad, very bad, now you will be born as that insect in your next birth and some boy will kill you like this.”

“Ha, No..,” I reacted.

The bell rang just then but Arun continued while we moved back to the class, “Yes Kiran is right, you will not know now, but you will know one day.”

I smiled and moved back to the class and technically Kiran had lost the game that day.

That day I kept on thinking of the insect and the reason that urged me to kill it. I think there was no reason. I thought about it at night also and went to sleep. Next day we all forgot about it.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

A donkey tale

Once a washerman along with his 15 year old son were walking the dusty path of their village towards the shore. They had a donkey moving along with them.

On the way he over heard people speaking, 'See what an idiot man, he has a donkey and still not utilising it to its use and walking along with it, ha ha ha.'
Hearing this the washerman asked his son to sit on the donkey.

They walked a distance when his son overheard another set of men, 'What a shameless son, he is sitting on a donkey while his old, weak father is walking in the sun, chi,chi.'
Hearing this the son got down from the donkey and asked his dad to sit on it.

They moved till the corner when they heard some people commenting, 'Look what a heartless father, his only son, delicate like a flower is walking in the sun and he is enjoying the ride, hmmm'.
Hearing this the washerman asked his son to sit on the donkey as well. He had enough of people commenting on them.

He walked a considerable distance when he heard another group of people saying, 'What a cruel, ruthless people are these. They have a skinny, tired donkey and both are sitting on it for a ride.'
Hearing this they got down from the donkey and the washerman lifted the donkey on his shoulder while his son helped him from behind. They started walking with a little difficulty but they now felt that the people should atleast stop commenting now.

The people indeed stopped commenting. All they did was laugh and laugh.

P.S. "Kuch toh log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna"
"People will comment something, its their job to comment"

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

All About Hussain: New-Rule


It was just another day at school. I reached my school in the morning 15 minutes earlier by a bicycle. My elder sister who studied in same school actually rode the cycle; I sat on the carrier behind. After the assembly prayers we moved to our respective classes. It was a busy class for the fifth graders. The school management had recently come up with a new rule: “No moving out of the class even during breaks.” And the class Five was really disappointed.

The first period was mathematics, a really tough subject to start with. But it was not tough for me. The only thing that bothered was three boys sitting together on a bench each with a bag half their size for forty-five minutes without moving. And if anybody made a movement the teacher yelled, “Hussain, listen to the class.” That was strenuous. Next came another forty-five minutes of unease in “English”. There was a fifteen minute break after it but thanks to the new rule “No going out.” And to make sure this rule is followed a student from a higher grade was asked to monitor a lower grade class. Our class was monitored by a girl from my brother’s class. “Every body quiet, Arun sit in your place, Don’t make noise, blah blah blah ,” she shouted all the time.

The next two-periods were boring as a cow, boredom and uneasiness leads to frustration. Thank-God we had a lunch break next meaning we would be able to move from our place finally after three hours and fifteen minutes. I went out, had my lunch with my friends and came inside the class. The girl was waiting in the class. We both knew each other. I went out to sit on my place and place my box inside my bag. She continued her shouting; I think she too didn’t like monitoring a class when she could have gone out for playing. Probably that’s the reason she kept shouting. And then came the moment, I just turned around to take out a book from my bag and eventually stood from my place.

“Hussain, sit in your place!”

“I am just taking out a book from my bag, you donkey!”

‘Donkey!!’ now why did I say that word? I guess the fact that I couldn’t say that to teachers or the head mistress made me use it for her or that I knew her and thought that she would not mind. But she definitely did not take it for granted. Next moment I could see her go out of the class and come back along with P.T. Madam. She gave me two lashes on my palms and made me kneel down at the door with my hands up in the air for the rest of the lunch period. Every one who entered whispered, “Why is Hussain punished?” I saw the faces of my friends, some thought that it was my mistake, some thought of me as an arrogant boy and some thought, “Poor Boy!”

A few days later I realized that only thing that changed was some of the girls in my class have stopped talking to me. The new rule of the school remained.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

How are you?

->I was down in confidence and my head ache was reaching high.I had to complete analysing 12 more programs by 8 P.M. and complete preparing an asset analysis document by 9 P.M. Apart from that I had to update a few specifications and prepare and deploy sixteen modules into production. Still five more hours were left to my deadline and it seemed like fifteen thousand light years ahead. My manager kept pinging me every 20 mins for the status and my tech lead kept a high expectation on me. My team mates kept asking me doubts and my project mates kept giving me work. Above all my computer kept testing my patience. While chatting simultaneously with eight people and talking to one, and waiting to join a call conference in 15 minutes, my Cell Phone Rang!!!!

->She was down with fever, a sudden high temperature of 104. She slept only for four hours last night and kept coughing the rest of time. She had a piece of bread and glass of milk. Also she took two big pills. Her home was beginning to become untidy for the first time in the year and the laundry kept piling up. The dust on floor irritated her and the body pain added to her suffering. Above all she missed her son who didn't call her for last four days. At late in the afternoon, as her temperature stabled she asked her husband to call their son. He took the phone and dialed the number.

Me: Hello
Dad: Yes son, its me.
Me: Yes dad...
Dad: You didnt call your mother since four days...
Me: Yes, will call her sometime...where is she?
Dad: Here talk to her...
Mom: Hello...
Me: Hello, what are you doing mom?
Mom: Just was sleeping, and you...
Me: I am in office...
Mom: Ok, hey son, did you forget your mother, call frequently son...
Me: I called last sunday right...
Mom: hmm, that was LAST sunday...
Me: Ok,ok will call frequently, now can i work?
Mom: hmm, what did you have for lunch?
Me: aanh, sandwich, mom..I have lots of work to do, can i call back again?
Mom: Yes, but call soon..
Me: Ok, Mom Bye..
Mom: Bye son.

I called her again only the next day and realized that she was ill for three days. In fact my brother too was ill. I cannot imagine whether she felt good after hearing my voice on the phone or she felt bad on my rude behaviour. I think now that I should have asked her how she is and everybody in the house and spent more time talking to her. This might not have alleviated her pain but atleast she would have slept with a happy heart that night. Work and target dates will remain always but if affection is lost once it is very difficult to get it back. I wonder these are the small things that keep relationships pleasant and everlasting. The small things like asking 'How are you?' before starting a conversation. My poor mother, I will call you everyday.


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