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All About Hussain: Two Knights and A Queen

Two Knights and A Queen

The school was done for the day and all students left except a few who stayed back for “extra hour” of study. Our Head Mistress took an extra effort to head these few students who took an extra effort to study and learn. My sister and Kiran’s sister were in the same class and who were taking this tuitions. Kiran and I too stayed with them. That day as soon as the tuition started and Madam entered the class both of us stood and said, “Madam, we don’t have any homework today.”

“Oh, ok. Not even to study anything?”

“Anh, we have a hindi poem to read,” said Kiran.

“Ok, study then, and then recite it out to me, Aloud! Without seeing!”

We wanted to go out and play but the poem was not too hard to learn it by heart. We quickly recited the poem to her and hesitatingly asked her, “Madam, Can we go out and play?”

She smiled and said, “Ok, But don’t go outside the school.”

We ran out of the class as two happy souls, who had nothing to worry about except the fact that the tuition was only for an hour and after that we cannot play. We first had a race to reach the sports room first and when we reached there we really laughed out loud without worrying about who had won the race. We ran back again, but as we reached to the door of the class Madam was in, we suddenly started walking for the fear that Madam would call us back again. As we moved ahead and she couldn’t see us, we started running again. We ran back.

Just then I saw “Choti Madam” (Younger Madam) coming from opposite direction. She was the daughter to our Principal and we seldom see her in our school. I asked Kiran to stop and said, “Kiran, Choti Madam is coming. What to do? We would have to wish her!!”

“What to do?” asked Kiran. We both were afraid to even wish her. I said, “Idea! When she comes we will start tying our shoe lace and pretend we didn’t see her.”

It was a small corridor where she came walking and as soon as she entered the corridor we both sat down in opposite directions of the corridor facing each other, bend our heads and opened our shoe lace and started tying them. We were tying it slowly as she walked between the two of us. When I saw her walk completely past us I raised my head and saw Kiran who was smiling. We both saw her enter the classroom to meet our Madam. We quickly ran into other room and started giggling. We then started to search other classrooms if any student has forgotten anything.

Another fifteen minutes of our search operation got us an eraser which Kiran allowed me to keep on a condition that we both will use it equally. Everything was going fine until we saw Choti Madam coming back from the room. What were we supposed to do this time to avoid wishing her? We quickly saw each other’s face and unanimously came to a conclusion without talking to each other.

We suddenly sat down in opposite direction facing each other to tie the lace of the other shoe.


  1. There is something that's missing.... something which is out of my reach when i read ur blog..

    There is something you want to tell, which i can never understand..

    The only thing i can identify myself with was the fact that even i used to find ways to not wish someone passing by....

    Is that the only thing you wanted to say ??

    who are the two knights and who is the queen??
    (Hussain & Kiran , Choti Madam)

    Very hard pill to digest.!!!

  2. Mr.Unknown..
    When I read my blogs(Only All About hussain Series) even I find it incomplete...the question that immediately comes to my mind or probably yours is "Whats the moral of the story?"

    But In this series I dont want to include any morals... I just want to let it be like telling the experiences of a 10 yr old. (on the lines of Swami in Malgudi days)

    Morals I leave on the readers to deduce... Like in Reincarnation Moral could be ..."Teach children to be compassionate and not teach them wrong things. Like Arun might have heard it from elders only..So his elders could have told him that it is inhuman to kill rather than telling that there would be just builds a barrier for Human mind to think."

    Here the moral could be "Encourage children to talk to people and leave fear"

    Secondly I thought it was funny for them to get down the second time to tie the lace...

    Thanks or reading bro....

    You are right...Hussain and Kiran are knights who "bowed" when the Queen (Choti Madam) passed between them...Not too hard to imagine rt?

  3. hi afaq.....
    this one was pretty actually reminded me of swamy and his friend (i forgot his name!! excus me for dat)in malgudi days......
    gawd!!!! i actually miss that serial....i used to watch it during ma childhood....

  4. The thing was so simple... it actually to me to school wondering if its an extract from our school chapter.... wondering who could be Kiran..,, n ya the Choti Madam .... Sometime the relativity of somethings are so close tat u really don't have to think of moral .... it just the feelin of flashback does the trick ...

  5. Sanjay and Rinku...

    Exactly the point.... :)
    Its not always necessary to have a moral in a story... Just the happiness of it.

    More About Hussain will follow....
    Ah! With your comments i think I can Go on and write about hussain endlessly...But Dont panic!!! He he he

    Thanx for comments and Reading!!!!

  6. All the incidents from childhood esp the school days are very spl to everyone..

    I have no complaints and really cherish what's written in this...these thoughts,...It always a sigh of joy when they comes...

    I just felt that it would have been a lot lot lot better if you could concentrate on that,, rather than try to pile up a forcefull story to tell about it..

    may be u need to try some other way of doing it..

  7. wow ... i am loving it.. you just brought our old days back .... hope lots to come frm you about this series... just go on and on..

  8. yep !! waiting for lots to come ..

  9. afaque hussain khan bhai


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