Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I am alone

I am alone,
In this dark small cabin,
Weeping and waiting,
For my family outside,
To walk away from me.
I am not,
They should worry about,
But themselves.
They are not,
I should worry about,
But myself.
They still can,
Choose and act,
I only can,
Stay still.
They will come back,
To my place,
Through different paths,
They will move,
From my place,
To different paths,
So will I.
All will meet,
Yet Everybody,
Will be Alone.


  1. Dude... Achcha hai... Lage raho Bhai

  2. @Vamshi
    finally you were first...:)

  3. this is the first instance after long time.. that i felt i really need to improve my english.... this sounded more like Greek or Latin to me.. than english.

    I harldy understood anything from it...

    Hope and wish i reach that stage wherein i could get to understand this one..

  4. @Unknown
    I am thinking is it a compliment or what???
    Read it like a continuous sentence, stopping at every full stop...probably you will understand

  5. You can only be alone,
    without these thoughts,
    also, without the one,
    that comment on your thoughts. ;)

  6. "To walk away from me" how come this suit in that stanza? you are waiting for someone to walk away? I didn't get it.

    very nice post, btw.

  7. That has a deep meaning: :)
    In islamic Tradition, when one buries the dead, and when the family and frnds after burying goes back home, they only move 40 steps from the grave when angels come to the grave and start Q&A session...
    So he is waiting for the Q&A session to start....

  8. Awesome Afaque.. my favorite lines :)

    //All will meet,
    Yet Everybody,
    Will be Alone. //


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