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Ok, Its been a long wait and I am able to get only three questions (I expected atleast Five). I cant wait no more. So here are the answers to the three questions. If anybody still want to ask me questions (depending on whether you like my answers or not), go ahead and post a question in the comment. Thanks for your questions, I am feeling better now. :)

1.Mr.Unknown asked...although he was kidding...:
"What is the result of 34343+645453*432432432-9433+
5893483*42232323 = ??"
The first thing that came to my mind was my maths sir in school who taught us the BODMAS rule.
Brackets Of Division Multiplication Addition Substraction, the flow to be followed while doing a solution. But then I saw that huge numbers are involved...
7 digit number * 8 digit number will give me 14 or 15 digit number.
We normally use calculators that use 10 digit numbers, beyond that it gives an error.

Then I thought of doing it in C language, but upon learning I got that we use a 32-bit processor, and in C language, even a long int datatype can store a number as large as 2^32 which is equal to 4294967296(10 Digits). (As long int stores from 0(zero), so the maximum number would be 4294967295)
Then I thought, hmm. Let try out in Windows Calculator first...And Voila...
The answer is: 528010288207615 (15 Digits)

The reason being Windows Calculator uses 128-bit floating point precision that allows it work with numbers as long as 32 digits..
Looks like same is the case with Excel Sheet.. :)
2.Swetha Asked..."why do we sometimes feel sad,frustrated or low.. for no reason at all? "
(Basically my perception, there can be others answers too for this Question)
Let me put my answer as a flow of events.Humans need attention, humans have relations with people at various levels and all maintained simultaneously, at home, at school/college, at office, friends circle, at a religious centre, in the market and finally with strangers. All these groups of people again contains closed ones, elders, buddies and young. Lets just say, my wife, unusually, gave me coffee(which I dont like) from two days instead of tea (probably just for a change of taste), my mother, unusually, didnot talk to me much since two days (probably her health is not good, but I dont see that at that time), my friend, unusually, went on to have lunch with his friend leaving me behind from two days (probably a closed one to him gave him a visit), my colleague, unusually, didnot ask me any doubt or question from two days (probably he is busy or he didnot have any doubt), myself, unusually, had a fight with a stranger on the road for not driving properly (not sure if it was my mistake). All these 'unusual' events, that took place around same time, will leave me thinking, "Whats going on. No one thinks I exist. And nothing is going my way." I will be left 'unattended' and hence bored, sad and frustated. Nothing has gone wrong with me, everything is normal, yet I feel low.
Hope my answer makes sense.

3.Sanjay asked me...(on Gtalk while chatting and after reading my previous post)..."Do you know what am I going to ask you?"
This is the chat :)
santapse: :) ek question poochu
as ur blog was saying
me: haa puch
santapse: so here goes.....
me: "melody ki choclatey kaise bani?
santapse: :P
This is one of the trick questions that any body can ask. As I has said in my previous post that I will try to search and research to find an answer, I did. When he said, "here goes" only thing I understood was he was going to ask me a 'bablaboo' question and so I guessed and asked him whether he was going to ask about melody choclate (Remember the Ad??).
So only thing to note is that, I correctly guessed that he was about to ask me something weird only by a sentence of his, "here goes." He was not face-to-face with me and even if he was I am not a good face reader neither a good observer of body language.

So whats my point??? My point is that people who claim that they can foretell future, i.e., Fortune Tellers, are nothing but good observers. My perception is that, these people are very, very good readers of demeanor of the body. They read body language, face expressions and make a few roundabout general statements that seem to be specific about a person and makes him believe that he is foretelling future. In fact he is just pulling a fast one.

I am not sure if someone can tell the future, but I am sure that most of the 'professional' fortune tellers canNOT tell the future.

I need not research the answer to this question as I know the answer and that is, NO.

I didnt know that he was going to ask me, "Do you know what I am going to ask you?" :P


  1. Answer to unknown guy was amazing...

  2. Hey Afaq i like this blog since its with a question and answers, I like this idea.
    anyway i have a very simple question Is that using an orkut or facebook is a safe way of communication?
    i think we all heard of some stories where there's some intrusion of one's privacy ,misusing them.and so on.. But still i thought i would ask u this question and look at the way you see it.

  3. @Keerthi.. A very Good Question.. Will definitely reply to it...

  4. Your answer to swetha's question made good sense. Its common during the flow of events that we feel low though we know the reason for those events... but I guess the flow of the events makes us worry like no other did before. I can understand this. Because every human being faces this situation as everyone expects attention. :)

    Howeve, I think u worry no more on ur statement in ur previous post "I feel like I don't have enough knowledge about things in the world and beyond." as now u "know" everythin is normal excepting what u feel on the flow of events.

    I am trying for a clarity here. that is all my intention.


  5. @Alochana..
    I am just a little disappointed because I didnot get even five questions, so I did not mention anything about seeking knowledge.

    I still am hungry for knowledge, Keerthi, in the above comment, had asked a good question which I think will make me study. And I am happy about it.

    I am 'normal' now, yet my intention still remains same, gaining knowledge. :)

    Hope this clarifies.. :)

  6. hi afaque....
    right!!! the answer to the question i expected was NO!!! which u told....good justification too....
    lemme ask u one more question!!!(as this is getting quite interesting!!!)
    by asking this question it doesnt mean i am a believer or non believer(for that matter) of god...
    here goes again.....
    people who are religious pls dont mind...nothing personal...
    and i am quite religious myself!!!
    lets just check out how our friend answers to this!!!
    will wait for the answer

  7. @Sanjay...
    Good question... Will definitely reply..
    But I understood your question as, "Does God Exist?" In this world(earth) or anywhere...
    Please correct if I am wrong...

    @all ppl now I have in all three more Q's..I am a happy soul :)

  8. hey nice post yaar ... here's my question .....well many ppl say that nature itself gives you the answers to the biggest problems it was mentioned in one of the books "The Alchemist" but all i need to know is how can we master it i mean how can we identify this signs frm nature ???......

  9. @kiran...
    Hmm I have to research this one for sure.. But i promise will do and post...
    FYI...You are in Queue, position no 4, :), Will try to answer ASAP..

  10. QUESTIONS 1) how to do SUPW (Soceity use full project work) with a zero watt bulb?

    2)how to count the squarefoot of bathroom with the help of tiles ?

    3)why in byke oil is seperated from petrol and store in unlike scooter where oil is mixed with petrol?

    4)how to delete entire windows while shutting down system?

    5)how to see RAC ticket of train conformed or not?

  11. where is the answer of my 5 questions


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