Friday, 21 August 2009

Seven Years in Tibet-Synopsis

Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian climber, heads out from his home land, leaving an 'expecting' wife, to hoist the national flag on the peak of Nanga Parbat and thanks to Adolf Hitler returns only after 12 years, that too without conquering the feat. But he brings back home something more valuable and cherishable.

When I started this movie first thing I did was scold my friend to bring such a boring and slow movie but then I realised this was brought by me from somewhere I dont remember. Then I started scolding the 'unknown' source. But I continued only to watch Danny Denzongpa, an Indian Actor, to work along with Brad Pitt. As the movie continued I was feeling what Harrer would have felt. Until half of the movie I didnot know that this was a true story.

He was captured before he could climb the whole of the Nanga Parbat as the Second World War had started and the then British Government of India took the climbers as prisoners of war for steping into their soil. He had spent two years in a Dehradun jail where he received divorce notice from his wife through post. The scene where he jumps on barbed wire to break it and burst out his sadness is one of the great scenes in the movie. With the help of a fellow climber, Peter Aufschnaiter, who later on becomes his good friend, he escapes the prison. Both of them land into Tibet and enters the mysterious city of Lhasa where still a child, the 14th Dalai Lama was given the knowledge of religion. Dalai Lama used to watch the people through a telescope and this is where he sees the only two foreigners ever to put foot in the forbidden city. He liked the 'yellow' hair of Harrer observed him everyday. Meanwhile Harrer and Peter meet the only cloth designer and tailor in the city and both fall in love with her. But Pema falls for Peter and Harrer is alone again. So he writes to his son. And then the War ends and all seems to be going good for Harrer as he prepares to travel back home. But one night he recieves a letter saying, "You are not my father, so stop writing letters to me." Everything ends again. The next morning he receives another letter from a kid, the Dalai Lama, showing his interests to meet Harrer.

Harrer meets the Dalai Lama and becomes his tutor, teaching him almost anything. And his seven years of stay in tibet finds him a very good friend in the Dalai Lama. He returns back to Austria to meet his son, just before the Communist Chinese capture of tibet and the Dalai Lama becoming the leader of the government-in-exile of Tibet. Tibet still remains under China and the Dalai Lama lives in India still fighting for the liberation of Tibet.

Harrer went on to conquer many mountains after that along with his son and died in 2006 at the age of 93.

This is a movie made in great detail and brings out very strong human emotions to life.

You hate when the chinese commander makes the statement, "Religion is poison."
You get inspired when the Dalai Lama preaches, "If some problem can be solved, its unnecessary to worry about it and if some problem cannot be solved then it is useless to worry about it."

Later on I went to Wiki pages to study about Tibet and its history and got to know about the Dalai Lamas (Gurus) and that every Dalai Lama is a reincarnation of his predecessor. Although I dont believe in reincarnation, yet it is fascinating to study about it.

It is unfortunate that this world makes the most peace loving people, who cares so as not to hurt even an earthworm, enter into war and struggle.

With a hope that Tibet will be liberated soon.

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