Friday, 28 August 2009

Please ask me a question.

I am down in confidence, I dont know why.
I feel like I dont have enough knowledge about things in the world and beyond.
I dont know what to study and what not to.
Basically I want to know about things.
What things, all Sort of things.
So Why am I posting this on my blog, Coz I need your help.
How can you help me, hmmm.

Why dont you ask me a question,? Any question.
Any question that can give me knowledge, probably to you and others too...
Any question that comes to your mind right now or any question that has troubled you since ages...
Any question that you want to test my efforts to search for an answer or any question that you are genuinely seeking an answer....
Please excuse questions like the ones on TV show 'The Moment of Truth' (Sach Ka Saamna->Indian Version)
Please excuse questions like "Why did the chicken cross the road, Or Whos first, Hen or an egg?"

Just post the question as a comment to this post.. As soon as I get minimum five questions I will try to search an answer for them and Post it on this site. If I cant find the answer myself I will ask others to answer it.

This way I think I can learn a lot. Main idea behind it is learning..

Really hoping that you people will help me get out of my frustration...


  1. Question that isn't raised out of ignorance or curiosity doesn't seem like adding value to life. Moreover, it adds frustration more than that about what you are suffering now. This kind of learning is again school-kinda-learning, you don't understand when are you going advantageous learning so.

    The best solution to your frustration goes here. Look at the world. Watch it and Explore within the world. You will surely get questions. Ask the world. You will then get the answers, which you can(I think so) treat as knowledge.

    Otherwise, you just don't understand if what you have just learned is knowledge or just a data that can be saved in your mind. ;)

  2. okie.. let me have some quick questions for you before i move on...

    Did you face any one of these instances in your last few days

    1. Someone had asked you a question for which you dint had an


    2. Words from '' ' why do we fast'

    "People who have a little knowledge never think or never take

    interest in things."

    If you really wanted to be distinguished from this lot and

    felt if you could acheive this ever not knowing where to start from or end ???

    3. How do you look or behave ??????

    Is there any difference between the way you want to be looked at and the way you are....

    Do you feel that you need to improve something ????

    If the answers for all the above 3 questions is yes... then you are doing absolutely fine....

    these are some questions which i guess everyone have in their mind throughout their lifetime and everyone

    like you gets nervous and low when these feeling gets over them...

    Its just a matter of time, when you realise that its the way we live, the way it is designed to be and that is

    when we turn normal... ( which you are denying to accept at this moment but you would literally ).

    its just the state of mind you are in now.. which would change very quickly.


    The only difference between a first person who knows the answer to a question and the one who doesnt (second person ) is ??

    That he had asked this same question to some else and got to know about it some time before the second person asked him.

    so its not bad or low to be the second person as he is the one who is gaining and not the firt person.

    you can argue saying that he should have asked this question and known about this fact earlier that the first person to be in good shape.....

    but what is first and what is last in life.... you might know many more things than he does which is more important to ur life...

    I hope this has brought some confidence back ...

    well if you expecting some questions which you can answer and get confident.. here is one from my side...

    What is the result of 34343+645453*432432432-9433+5893483*42232323 = ??

    No one in this world knows about this question before i asked it now..... ul be unique person answering this.. go on....

    hahaha... just kidding

  3. I can ask you a question.. why do we sometimes feel sad,frustrated or low.. for no reason at all?

  4. good question. @ swetha.

    Mr.Unknown said what is more than needed, which afaq is expecting these days, as Anonymous said. This post is sumthin like evry1 asks themselves at any point of their life... I believe in Mr.Unknown, only time gives the answer...!

    the reason, I think, would be having a free time to worry about "it", it being nythin.
    when u'll b free... u think u hv sumthn to do...which u r not actually doin... cause u actually hv got nothin to do! ;)
    make urself preoccupied. thats the only medicine.

    Expecting a comment. @ Afaq.

  5. @All
    Thanks for the efforts to boost my morale...

    @Alochana(Rahul bhai)
    I actually have a lot of work(office work) to do... Its not that I am Idle..
    But even then I am down...
    I think there has to be a reason for this...
    Guess you are right , Time has answer for everything...

    Now I have to find a reason for this as Swetha has bounced the question on me... (Very Clever...;P )
    So far I have two questions, One mathematical and other philosophical... Preparing the answers for these as well waiting for atleast three more...
    ( I aint stopping ..he he...)

    Thnx all for making me feel good..

  6. Ur senior in school1 September 2009 at 14:39

    Hi Afaq,

    I think in present competetive world people are comparing with others and spoiling there happiness, I mean if you start comparing your success with someone who is in better position than you, you cant njoy the happiness of success.what do you say about this.

  7. @My senior in school (Xaviers or Nalanda?.. :) )

    Ohk I get your point and the question. "Theory of relativity about success and happiness" Will Post about it and inform...

    Thanks For the comment.. I liked the topic too.. :)


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