Thursday, 6 August 2009

A donkey tale

Once a washerman along with his 15 year old son were walking the dusty path of their village towards the shore. They had a donkey moving along with them.

On the way he over heard people speaking, 'See what an idiot man, he has a donkey and still not utilising it to its use and walking along with it, ha ha ha.'
Hearing this the washerman asked his son to sit on the donkey.

They walked a distance when his son overheard another set of men, 'What a shameless son, he is sitting on a donkey while his old, weak father is walking in the sun, chi,chi.'
Hearing this the son got down from the donkey and asked his dad to sit on it.

They moved till the corner when they heard some people commenting, 'Look what a heartless father, his only son, delicate like a flower is walking in the sun and he is enjoying the ride, hmmm'.
Hearing this the washerman asked his son to sit on the donkey as well. He had enough of people commenting on them.

He walked a considerable distance when he heard another group of people saying, 'What a cruel, ruthless people are these. They have a skinny, tired donkey and both are sitting on it for a ride.'
Hearing this they got down from the donkey and the washerman lifted the donkey on his shoulder while his son helped him from behind. They started walking with a little difficulty but they now felt that the people should atleast stop commenting now.

The people indeed stopped commenting. All they did was laugh and laugh.

P.S. "Kuch toh log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna"
"People will comment something, its their job to comment"


  1. No points for guessing !!

    you favourite animal is 'doneky'

    hahahaah... no wonder why you try covering it in all of your blogs..

    just kidding

  2. He he ...
    Probably thats called Coincidence... :)
    Thnx for reading

  3. HR workshop........

    Once a washerman along with his 15 year old son....


    People will comment something, its their job to comment.

    hmm.. had a good nap..

    wah wah wah... what a workshop..

    AFAQ bhai.. dont mind.. its my job to comment :P ..

  4. @Navin K...

    wonder what's in ur mind rite now...

    only the "grrr... brr....ssshh.. graah..." what you saw in it...

    or something thought in so called the 'HR workshop'

    hahaha... soo funny

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. hey afaque....i heard this story during my school days dude....not original.....many people might have heard ths story...atleast i have.....though it helped me remember that story...dats allll......

  7. Anonymous:
    Whats funny, the blog or the comments :P
    he he

    Yep, Its an AGE OLD story
    Never said it was mine.
    Just reminding people to stop bothering about what ppl say..

    Other Guys:
    Please stop fighting among yourselves, Coz i get confused whether people are commenting on the blog or the comments... :) he he

  8. My dad told me when i was 7 or 8. I like it for being so 'short' and teaching a very 'huge' lesson. :)


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