Tuesday, 4 August 2009

All About Hussain: New-Rule


It was just another day at school. I reached my school in the morning 15 minutes earlier by a bicycle. My elder sister who studied in same school actually rode the cycle; I sat on the carrier behind. After the assembly prayers we moved to our respective classes. It was a busy class for the fifth graders. The school management had recently come up with a new rule: “No moving out of the class even during breaks.” And the class Five was really disappointed.

The first period was mathematics, a really tough subject to start with. But it was not tough for me. The only thing that bothered was three boys sitting together on a bench each with a bag half their size for forty-five minutes without moving. And if anybody made a movement the teacher yelled, “Hussain, listen to the class.” That was strenuous. Next came another forty-five minutes of unease in “English”. There was a fifteen minute break after it but thanks to the new rule “No going out.” And to make sure this rule is followed a student from a higher grade was asked to monitor a lower grade class. Our class was monitored by a girl from my brother’s class. “Every body quiet, Arun sit in your place, Don’t make noise, blah blah blah ,” she shouted all the time.

The next two-periods were boring as a cow, boredom and uneasiness leads to frustration. Thank-God we had a lunch break next meaning we would be able to move from our place finally after three hours and fifteen minutes. I went out, had my lunch with my friends and came inside the class. The girl was waiting in the class. We both knew each other. I went out to sit on my place and place my box inside my bag. She continued her shouting; I think she too didn’t like monitoring a class when she could have gone out for playing. Probably that’s the reason she kept shouting. And then came the moment, I just turned around to take out a book from my bag and eventually stood from my place.

“Hussain, sit in your place!”

“I am just taking out a book from my bag, you donkey!”

‘Donkey!!’ now why did I say that word? I guess the fact that I couldn’t say that to teachers or the head mistress made me use it for her or that I knew her and thought that she would not mind. But she definitely did not take it for granted. Next moment I could see her go out of the class and come back along with P.T. Madam. She gave me two lashes on my palms and made me kneel down at the door with my hands up in the air for the rest of the lunch period. Every one who entered whispered, “Why is Hussain punished?” I saw the faces of my friends, some thought that it was my mistake, some thought of me as an arrogant boy and some thought, “Poor Boy!”

A few days later I realized that only thing that changed was some of the girls in my class have stopped talking to me. The new rule of the school remained.


  1. You should have called "Jenny" instead of donkey....

  2. Such ka Samna karega????

    what is the moral of the story ????

    what is the purpose of this story????

    Is this frustration on that new rule you had long time ago ???


    Any thing against the readers ???

  3. He he he...
    That was just the experience of a 10 yr old.
    Moral or Purpose -> Kuch bhi deduce karlo yaar. Say..Education system where children are forced to study without any Physical games, ya phir aur kuch you can think of.

    Ya phir just remember your school days and enjoy..(Not sure which school you have studied in but I know many of my frnds studied in such a school)

    And More about Hussain will follow... Padhte raho please.. proabably it will become more interesting from now on.

    Thanx again.

  4. from wat i remember i studied in a school ... where pissin in ur pants was allowed than goin to lu in between classes.... In a few instance, pissin in water bottle...ha ha ha ha

  5. Hey Rinku....

    Yep thats the point!!!!

    Pissing in a bottle.....HE he he

  6. Hey Dude...Yeh Hussain kaun hai?

  7. Hussain is a 10 yr old school boy.
    Now most people will think I am writing about myself... But NO!
    But i agree that the story is part true part fiction...
    as i said more about hussain will follow...

  8. sounds like a despo boy.. who is willing to talk to girls and there aren't any..

  9. hey... stop thiss.. !!!

    its going below the belt

  10. Thanks Mr.Unknown Bhai..
    The guys have deviated from the blog and gone uh uh some where else...

  11. hmm..
    same comment brought "above the belt"...

    Sounds like a boy mesmerized by the pulchritude of the lass having penchant of acquaintance with them [:P] ..

    Dude.. it doesn't matter if it is above are below, all that matters is how you take it [:P]..

  12. @ Navin K..

    first thing...

    you agreed that it was going below the belt...


    "Sounds like a boy mesmerized by the pulchritude of the lass having penchant of acquaintance with them"

    i could hardly understand a bit of it.....
    hope you did when you copied it from somewhere else...

    hahaha... what are you trying to prove....

  13. Mr.NotSoUnkown..

    where and when on earth did i agree that it went below the belt..Dude.. you really need some high power glasses.. hahhahahaha..
    WHAT I SAID: its up to your perception..

    stop telling whats above or below the belt..( i wonder if you really use a belllt :o :o)

    One more thing.. kotteskundhama.. raa bujji..dha dhaa...[:P] let me know if you did not understand this.. i'll buy you a dictionary :P
    and if you think i cut pasted this one too... you are really nuts( catch BusNo:22E from your home.. it will take you to the correct place where are actually destined for : ERRAGADDA)

    AND i dont conceal my identity to prove my point or tell something.. 8)

  14. @ Navin K....


    i never told you went below the belt.. its just the topic/discussion.

    forgive me.. if you wanted me to encourage you in talking all this... but i m going to stop it right here...

    2 points to tell you before leaving.. :P

    1. "stop telling whats above or below the belt..( i wonder if you really use a belllt :o :o) "

    Ans: I use a belt in the place where it really has to be... .not in some place below my ___ where you normally have it...
    wonder where you are wearing your belt...hahhahah

    dude pissing is a below the belt activity.. try to adjust your belt accordingly.. hahahaha

    2."i dont conceal my identity to prove my point or tell something"

    Ans: i have my own identity.. i m not anonymous... i am Mr.Unknown...

    what does an identity mean to you.... if i am not inviting you anywhere.. forget about it...

    I kindly request the moderator to delete all the recent comments.. to enhance the integrity of the blog...

  15. afaq Says:

    Thats right guys,, please stop it...

    Why are you fighting anyways...cut it down now..


  16. hmm..


    I would be glad to leave this matter here..

    One thing is for sure.. I never used words like p**sed, or "belt below something", i leave it to you to introspect..
    am not the taker.. i am right on my part..

    i thought it was you who instigated this thing..

    anyhowz, no hard feelingzzz..


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