Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Fantastic Contraption

It is 3:53 AM in the morning and I am starting to write this blog with a blank mind.

My friend is sound sleep. He is lying on his bed in a "Hands-up" position as if his delivery manager has put a gun on his head and with his mouth open. Aghhh. Guess his manager forgot to tape his mouth.

I have just completed two of my work from my checklist and still have five left. Dont mistake me to be a lazy guy or someone who cannot finish his work on time, its just I work at night.

Its 4.03 Am now.

After scratching my head for three minutes I thought why not inform you people of good, brainy, online physics game called Fantastic Contraption. For those who know it already, can skim/skip this post.

The basic goal of this game is to move an object (in pink, can be of any size or shape) from a blue area to a pink area using wheels and rods. Like moving a ball in a bucket.

You have a clockwise yellow wheels, Anti-clockwise purple wheels and stationary, unpowered blue wheel. These move when connected by a rod to its center only the blue wheel needs a push or a pull from any source.

There are two types of rod for connecting the wheels. One Blue Water Rod and Other Solid Wood Rods. Water rods have the ability to pass thru other rods and doesnot have the abitlity to stop or hold the target object. Solid Rods cannot pass thru any other object.

There are 21 Freeware levels in the game that can be played online. Obviously the difficulty of the levels increase by each level. Full version of the game can be bought for $10 and it has option of creating our own custom made levels.

After you complete each level you get a chance to see the contraptions made by other users and believe me they are very nice and always better than ours. :)

Play this game to get a hang of it and you will not leave it until you complete all the 21 levels.

I have played it for a whole day in office without doing work. (Shhhh....)

My favourite levels are Tube and Unpossible.

I faced difficulty in Four Walls and Awash. (My friend Vamshi helped me complete this).

So here is the link..

Its 4:29 AM now and it started raining. I will go to sleep now, have to meet a guy at 8 45 in the morning.


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  1. Hey Dude.. Mere se comment likhwane ke liye mera name likha post mein? :)
    Anyways u wld hav done them too considering d fact that u completed all d others... I just got d idea sooner than u :) :) :)


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