Friday, 2 October 2009

Legends of the modern man : Alms

Manoj, had been a trader, a middleman through out his 15 year old career and he doesnot want to be it anymore. He says he cannot find satisfaction in what he is earning.

"Whatever I earn, at the end of the month when I calculate, I see my earnings vanish like a ghost. My expenditures are more yet they are legitimate and basic. My savings are meager and I just cant think of expanding my business with such less savings," complained Manoj to his wife, Sarala while his twelve-year old son sleeps happily in another room.
Sarala advised, "Why dont you take some tips from Sanjay, he is doing quite well in business."
Manoj replied, "Hmm, let me talk to him tomorrow. Only God can help us now."

Next day, Manoj and Sanjay were sitting in their shop and talking. Manoj started, "Sanjay, I dont seem to get good profit these days and I dont see where the problem lies."

Sanjay replied, "Yes, the market looks a little dull these days."

"No Sanjay, Its been since quite a few months. Can you give me any tip being a friend of mine?"

"Hmm, You are an intelligent man and in this business for quite a long time. You know all the tricks of the trade, what can I teach you? You are following the tricks, aren't you?" replied Sanjay in a gradually reducing volume.

Manoj whispered, "Yes, I am. I have trained my boys to be attentive. They weigh the goods in such a way that no customer ever doubted, in the past 10 years, that the weight is less by an inadequate amount. Also I have price set for some most selling goods so that it gives me maximum profit. These things are common Sanjay. Also my sales are the same for last few months. I dont know whats happening to my money."

"You are not praying to God I think," doubted Sanjay.

"Its not like that.."

Sanjay cut him short, "Are you paying your alms?"

"Aanh, yes, whenever some poor asks me I giv.."

"No, no no... Not like that. You have to feed the poor by yourself, I say perform a puja and feed fifty-one poor people with your hands. Consult a pandit if you want."

"You think that will increase my savings?"

"When the Gods are happy, prosperity is not far away, my friend."

Afterword: What a shame!! What a foolishness!!

One place they are trying to please God by serving Fifty-one Poor people with their own hands, just once in a year or Six-months may be and on the other hand they are earning the wrath of God by cheating their customers, every single day since fifteen years and more.

And they complain about savings......

Such people who feel divine by giving alms to the poor, they should know that they are giving that which never belonged to them.


  1. suthi story,lack of exp in writing storeis never post this kind of story here after

  2. In response to the comment posted by some anonymous guy: I guess the author is not trying to tell u some bedtime story... He is trying to make one realise there basic ethics and morals in life...

  3. well, i agree that comments from the anonymous guy look very odd and strange..

    But its very true that this blog really encourages one to become an 'anonymous' writer....

    comming back to the blog..
    This effort to convert a one liner into a blog or a story failed..

    Its not the frequency... but the intensity that matter more..

    I hope you understood what i meant to say.

  4. @Mr.Unknown..
    No i dont understand what you mean..
    If you mean that cheating on customers by giving them goods weighing only 50 gms out of 1000 Gms, deliberately, is less intense, then I Strongly disagree.
    Thats one of the biggest sins, Cheating, Even if 1 Gm is weighed less deliberately then that is equivalent to money earned by stealing, or even worse.

    Other problem which my story raises is People think these to "Common" and hence it is ok.

    Think of it like this for this statement:
    "Its not the frequency... but the intensity that matter more.. "

    I make a small cut every one hour on the body of an animal until it dies and I make one big cut and kill an animal at one go. Intensity is bigger in the second case but Pain and Sin is Bigger in the first case... Getting me????....

  5. Correction in above comment:
    Weighing only 50gms less* out of 1000 gms

  6. Mr. Unknown was talking about the writing style, I guess.

  7. dear afaque...
    after reading so many good blogs from you....this one is like...a naive her would write.....
    the moral is good.....
    but a boring story..(sorry for dat!!)

    only one thing excited me in the whole story....
    U USED MY NAME!!!!

  8. I like the moral very much. Narration, paced up, would have made that seep into people's mind / conscience. I guess.

    Cheers !


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