Thursday, 1 October 2009

A gift to 1000th Visitor

1000 visitors in two months is not bad for a start. :) But its also just a drop in the ocean. I have added sitemeter to track visitors on my site and to check the various resources my blog site is being visited through. It has done a fairly good job till now although it not 100% accurate.

Basically what I need from you people is keep reading my blogs. That is the only remuneration a blogger can get. From my side, I assure to keep on writing. Till now I have written on stuff that are general but old. I will try to start and write about ongoing hot-questions and put my views on it. I am just a little cold feet about it. The starting problem is the main problem with me. Hope I overcome it for this one. Wish me all the best.

Aah, the gift. What gift can I give? But before that I should know who my 1000th visitor is. Sitemeter can give me location and part IP address of the visitor, but I would not know who it is, unless it is ME. So, anxiously I checked the sitemeter website and discovered that 1000th visitor was no other than me. The fact that the location is given as Bombay and not Hyderabad where I am now may be due that it is tracking my network on Reliance communications (wireless) as from Bombay. Nevertheless it is me. What can i gift myself....?

May be next time, 2000th visitor is not me and somebody else, and I get a chance to gift him/her. So visit my blogs frequently for the prize.... LOL.

Please bless me that it reaches to 100,000 visitors soon.
Do let me know if any tips to do that....


  1. I have one point to raise. You are not a visitor to your blog! You are a blogger anyway ur blog. And, this sitemeter always includes ur access to the blog... So I disagree with it. however, u already have a gift which is your visitors.

    I have an idea. A fair one. Those who comment on your posts work harder than other visitors to encourage you. ;)

    Soo... you can take a random pick from all those who commented on your posts till now and gift him/her... what say. lol.

    P.C If I'm lucky, him/her tends to him, and if I'm the luckiest, the personal pronoun tends to first person, and it's mine... ;)

    I try the most to encourage u, though. Look at this comment. ;)
    I know you got it. no worries. will mail u my address. heheh.

  2. I tried to Set Sitemeter NOT to count my visits, but then I had to disable the IP addresses' first three address... So i thot lets not do it... Yeah I am not a visitor(literal meaning)

    I really thank all those who take the pain to write a comment, that really encourages... I get some feedback thru mails and chat also, but i really prefer comments :)

    A Random Pick hmm, picked so randomly that him/her becomes him and random'ing' it to a random guy named alochana is a very random thought. Lol....

    Yeah and I thank for your comments specially as you do it regularly. And One Mr.Unknown, I dont know him :P

  3. Thanks for considering Mr.Unknown :)
    I like your bolgs so visiting and its on web dude so any one can see.. so be aware that u r writing on a WWW. Keep writing good stuff.

  4. Keep the blog very current or write something interesting so that people keep visiting ur blog..

  5. hello... Afaq

    I was very busy last few weeks.. i hardly got any quality time to read and comment on your blogs...

    There was one blog..i commented few days back, in which i felt i was a bit tough towards you..

    That is when i decided not to comment on anything until i am free..

    Suggestions....?? to improve or go about to reach 10,000...

    Even though i was busy..i could not resist myself.. looking at such an interesting topic.. where it said.. it would offer some gift..

    so that's the way to go..

    attract ppl rite from the title and choose only those topics and write blogs that can live up to them..

    congratulations and all the very best mate !!

  6. @Anonymous
    Yes, I am preparing myself to write on current topics...

    He he... A nice title is a good idea :) Will try to live upto the expectation..Thanks

  7. great going buddy....keep on the record.....
    keep blogging and irritate us as much as u want....:P
    just kidding....
    Mr. Blogger


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