Friday, 16 October 2009

A Few Good Gestures

One day me and my friend Kishore were returning home on a bike when we decided to buy some snacks from a local super market. As I reached the shop, I looked for a place to park my bike. An empty space behind some movable iron railings on the road looked auspicious. That space was meticulously created as an auto stand, with one entrance and one exit, such that only one auto can come inside while only one auto can go out. Without realising that we entered the space (the fact that all the autos were in juxtapose outside the space along the railings), when somebody objected. The exit was blocked by an auto and as I turned my vehicle back I saw another auto approaching. I thought that this guy will come inside the parking space and I waited for him. But he stopped his auto just at the entrance and got out of the auto blocking me inside. I was there surrounded by autos no place to get out. Ideally, I should have been outside and the autos should have been inside.

I said to the auto driver, while Kishore got down the bike, "Boss, thoda peeche le lo, ek second ke liye," (Boss, please move behind(the vehicle) for a second) gesturing him that I will make out if he does.

The auto driver, a dark-man, wearing a bright blue Honolulu-shirt and having short hairs said something in his local language of which I could only make out words like, "Auto stand, bike, inside, why"

"Boss, please, thoda sa bas." (Boss, please, Just a little). I gestured again.

He gestured to me to get out of the exit. At this point I thought whether he was drunk but his stability doesnot looked like he was drunk. I saw his face and gestured that the exit too is blocked and said, "Please." My friend also said, "Thoda peeche, choti si baat hai" (A little backwards, a small thing to do.)

Not sure whether he understood hindi or not, but I was sure that he was in a mood to fight. The fact that he has his fellow drivers nearby (who too I supposed then were idiots like this guy) to support him. He said again in local launguage, which is kannada, of which I could make out as, "O , o, What are you talking, grr?" in an angry voice.

I thought, "Saale, bina baal ka khaal kiu nikaal raha hai!" (%^&*, why creatinig fuss over nothing?).
"I can pull the railing a bit," said my friend to me and pulled one to create a space. The driver kept blabbering and I kept thinking, "Bewakoof aadmi" (Stupid person).

Just then two autos in front of his moved creating another space for me and before this 'ready-to-fight', 'suspected-drunk' driver could move his, I pulled my bike out of the 'supposed-to-be' auto stand. I left with my friend and parked my bike at another place in an angry mood(for a while).

To err is human, which I did by entering the 'No-Parking' space.
But To grrrrr, without a cause, is INHUMAN, which the driver did.


  1. The Auto driver may be having lot of things in his mind and may be was searching for some1 to vent out his disappointment about so many things.
    Light lena dost. You only mentioned that you were angry for a while after this incident.So he may be angry -for a while- due to something else :P

  2. Mai "light" hi liya. Thing is that, the trick lies in NOT making others angry because you are. Anger is contagious. Dont lose your cool,
    ( :P especially when surrounded by a dozen men who can beat you up, he he he)

  3. an 'ERR' can make someone 'GRR': That's the order of life...

    When an ERR from you, by entering the auto parking area can make someone GRR..

    When an 'ERR' by the auto driver by ignoring you can make you 'GRRR'.

    What's the issue boss..

    if that feeling is human.. we need to know to live with it . rather than complaining and feeling about it.. like you are doing now...

    If your mind and mood is so fickle to be disturbed by anyone .. then... you deserve to be upset..

  4. hmm.. i have then many stories to tell..

    chill pill maada beku [:P]


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