Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Blog Carnival : I Dream Of

Everybody is doing some job but not all are satisfied with it. They have some dreams and aspirations that they want to achieve or just a little dream of becoming a bird and fly over the world.

Welcome to the October 28, 2009 edition of i dream of. This was supposed to be posted on Nov 7th but I am posting this earlier.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents What Will I Be When I Grow Up? posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

Anne Valens presents 25 Great Tools to Get In-Depth Salary Information for ANY Healthcare Career posted at Medical Career Database.

nissim ziv presents Career Aspirations: Examples of Career Aspirations posted at Job Interview Guide, saying, "There are limited numbers of ways to evaluate people’s career vision and their career aspirations."

nissim ziv presents Career Goals: Examples of Career Goals and Objectives posted at Job Interview Guide, saying, "Every now and then we come across people who are unhappy with their jobs. The reasons of their unhappiness may vary – they do not like their work schedule, or they do not like a particular colleague in their office, or even that they do not like their boss.
read further.."

Rose King presents 100 Twitter Feeds to Help You Land a Job posted at - Job Descriptions and Online Schools to Start Your Career.

Linda Jones presents 100 Great Blog Posts to Jumpstart Your Job Search posted at - Job Descriptions and Online Schools to Start Your Career.

Tiffany Colter presents Fight for it posted at Writing Career Coach, saying, "This artcle gives encouragement to writers to not give up on their dream."

Angela Martin presents 100 Inspirational Twitter Feeds for College Students posted at Online

Kristie Lewis presents 100 Incredibly Helpful Lifehacks for the Unemployed posted at Career Overview.

Lucynda Riley presents I am now among the Unemployed posted at Living In Fear.

These are what I felt was somewhat related to the carnival. That concludes this edition. I by the way think this didnot turned out as I expected, so I will be closing this carnival and will be posting a new one. Thanks and checkout for the new one soon.

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