Saturday, 3 October 2009

Fountain of Youth

I am not sure whether it is a good news or not, but scientists have found the fountain of youth. Yes, although not exactly the ones in the fable, which I am sure they will not. As the scientists put it, after experimenting on mice, rats and primates, "We have added life to their years as well years to their life." Meaning they not only succeeded in increasing the lifespan of the creature but also in achieving a healthier and more immune life. Kudos, this is indeed a great achievement.

But these results were obtained only with the female primates whereas their male counterparts showed no significant change in their age. However both showed improvement in health status.
I am sorry for the guys... :P

Probably this may later on be experimented more to explain the ages of prophets mentioned in Christian, Islamic and Jewish scriptures. Prophet Moses (pbuh) age, believed to be, 120 years; Prophet Abraham's (pbuh) age 175 years, Prophet Enoch's (pbuh) age 365 years, Prophet Adam's (pbuh) age 930 years and Prophets Noah's (pbuh) age 950 years.
Whoa, unbelievable? At the face of it yes, but a little thought over it will give you the answer, "Why not?"

Why am I skeptical whether it is a good news or not? I dont know, what will people do living so long. The Prophets (peace be upon them) had a mission, a genuine purpose. We have only one purpose, sin. Cheating, Killing, Persecution, Greed and what not. If we are to live longer just to achieve this, then I would humbly request the scientists to stop their research.


  1. I just sit back and try to understand what i feel after reading this blog.. and this is what comes to my mind..

    A bit suprised, a bit enlightened knowing the ages of the ppl from the past.. and that's it...

    Now that the topics are getting boring and boring day by day....

    I would really like to suggest you some topics which you can prefer to write on if you liked....

    - Stories on relationships

    (e.g father and son, father and a daughter, between two brothers )

    The emotions they have.. how they act outside.. and how do they feel within for each other etc etc..

    - An interesting love story..intermediate age group would be sooper

    - Day to Day life of a s/w engg

    - Live in relationships and how prominent they are in cities.. adv & disadv

    - Hope & Confidence...

    Well it might take some time to think and write on them.. but i really prefer to see a 5 page single story like this rather than 5 single page blogs...

    Think !!

  2. @Mr.Unknown..
    Dont you think it is one of the greatest discoveries of our time???

    Regarding the topics you gave, I will surely try and write something about them, I just need time.. :)

    And about writing a 5 page story...Hmm most of my other friends complained of my blogs being Lengthy, So what I was trying to do was Finish my story in 500 or so words so that ppl read it... But i can write a 5 page story too and let u know..
    Thanks for reading..

  3. Yes, i agree that this would be a great discovery...

    I have not heard of it till date from anyone or seen it make news world wide...

    This could just be another fake story just like what we hear every day.. until its confirmed by the reliable sources..

    5 pages blog would not mean putting up all the 5 pages at the same can seperate them into different blogs.. only if you knew how to make it so interesting..

  4. Okie sure..
    btw.. This is news reported in leading newspapers and news channels

  5. hi
    very interesting to know this thing...
    but as u said who in the world wants to live looooooooooooooong
    Why in the world u think that the main purpose of human being is sin, killing and all.....???
    there are so many good samaritans too!!! i agree that the world has become a hell but..lets be optimistic about it!!!!
    im shocked someone lived for 900 odd years too!!!

  6. The excitement stays only till u don't have the desired thing. Once u get it, the excitement and curiosity are gone..

    i believe this discovery (?) is similar to the discovery of nuclear energy, except that nuclear energy has some use, this one has none...

    fire, i believe, is the greatest discovery of all !! :D

  7. @Srinivasa...
    I think this is very useful discovery..This will reduce health problems which inturn will increase standard of living.. People will live better and longer :)

    Fire is indeed the greatest discovery of all being the basic,,, Next comes the wheel :P


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