Saturday, 9 June 2007

He Cried.

He cried,
For days and he cried a lot.

No more toys; no more balls,
He thought,
His father's face he forgot.

No more kisses when he falls,
He thought,
His mother's love he never again got.

The story of blast his eyes shot.


  1. Very touching..

    Short,but those 9 lines say a lot more than 100 lines.. always :)

    *Tripple Thumbs up*

  2. oh god afaq. what a touching poem yaar.this poem deserves da saying that true feeling dont need more words to be expressed.kitna simple poem hai but meaning tho bahut deep hai.
    its really really nice yaar.i liked da poem a lot.

  3. its amazing how few p'le can xpress gr8 feelings with such simple lines and u r 1 among them.

  4. a gud piece f writing which showcases d entire cause of depression.......
    wish all d power at d tip f ur pen which can change d world

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. can't logout without leavin a comment ........
    thought short expressive


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