Monday, 7 December 2009

Hang till death

I was watching the movie "LUCK" yesterday and I came to know about this rule in India... that a criminal, who is announced capital punishment, while being hanged survives for some reason, as little as a slip of rope or loose knot, should not be hanged again. And added to that he is not only pardoned from the gallows but also condoned of his crime and set free.

Can anybody confirm about this rule??? I tried to search over the internet but could not find it. Also please let me know if such a rule exists, whats the reason behind it??

Logically I think, if it is true, it is because once the rope is around the neck of the person and the black cloth over his face shows him the inevitable darkness ahead, for at least once he realizes that the crime he had done was brutal and inhuman and how it the victim(s) would have suffered. A feeling of remorse takes over him.

My search over the internet took me to some of the execution videos that are being circulated over the internet as a campaign against Iran. It says, Iran is hanging people ruthlessly, they are strangulating rather than hanging, they are killing teenagers below 18 years of age, etc etc.

Death is never pleasant, its always painful. Using electric chairs, or lethal injections or tightening the noose, whatever method is argued to be the most humane method, still it is painful.

The point is as a normal human being we are bound to feel compassionate when we see death, or more aptly killing, even if it is the execution of the most notorious and dreadful serial killer, Ted Bundy. And such videos serves as a good tool for people who wants to abolish capital punishment. Common notion is that the killer is always bad and the killed is always helpless. But it should always be remembered that the person who is executed is a criminal, no....a harsh, ruthless criminal (otherwise the punishment would be less severe).

India also has a rule, which says Capital punishment should be given to a criminal in "rarest of rare" cases which gives a little more confidence for people to commit crime.

Anyways please answer my query...thanks....


  1. Hey Afaq,

    When I searched on the same issue, I got the info about the preparations done for executing.

    The rope used is checked for any defects and it is tested for a weight one and half times the person to be hung.

    These ensure that the process goes smooth.

  2. Afaq,
    That is correct. If a person pass the chance of hanging once, he can never be given the death punishment again as per rule of constitution. The reason behind that in faith of God. They believes if a person is spared by luck, then it's god wish and no one should act against God wish. You can find several Hindi movies having this thing :)

  3. @ Papi,
    Thanks for the info and thanks for reading...

    Really is it because of keeping Faith in God? If yes then alas! I dont like the rule.
    Because logic is like this -> Everything in the world happens because of Gods wish-> The Criminal killing the victim (Although bad) it is eventually God's Wish. So if we are not to interfere in Gods wish, why punish him first of all.... seems crazy, but yes,, LOL, what say..

  4. quite shocking that such a rule exists....!!! :O
    NOt hanging him again is fine!!!!! but even granting him bail????

    MUST be ammended !!!

  5. Good discussion !!!
    If that's the case..
    The criminal can better try his chances bribing the person who tests/prepares the rope instead of running around the cops/lawyers or Judges.
    It would not only save him from the crime but get him off without a bail.. haha


    good to see you deviate from the routine topics..


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