Thursday, 4 February 2010


One can never hide ones expectations/desires, it comes out in one or the other form, especially if he/she is an idiot.

The question would be, why do you want to hide your expectation? Answer is simple, you are expecting something that would give you an unjust advantage over others and you dont want to be 'called' unjust. The irony is you dont mind being unjust, you just worry being called one.

A scenario:

There is a piece of land which has a well in one of its side and two farmers trying to decide how to divide it among themselves. A landlord says he can buy it but as he doesnot want the well, he will pay 20% less than the actual cost. They talk:

Landlord: What do you say farmer1?

Farmer1: We both are in need of the land so we may not sell it, farmer2 can I take all of the land including the well?

Farmer2: Sure, what would it cost? Pay me half of it and take it.

Farmer1: (Thought: I will have to pay half of the total 100% cost now) Said: In that case it would be better to sell it to the landlord and divide the amount among us.

Farmer2: (Thought: So he expected me to leave it for free) Or can we divide the land without selling it?

Farmer1: We can, but well will go to one side and land to another. I am in need of the land.

Farmer2: But you will need to dig a well for water then.

Farmer1:Yes I will have to. (Thought: Or I can 'borrow' yours).

Farmer2: (Thought: You are ready to spend to dig a well but you are not ready to pay me my share) But what will I do with a well and no land?

Farmer1: Hmm, yes. Why dont you think of a way? I am all ok with it, but my problem is I am in need of a land now.

Farmer2: (Thought: What about my needs?) I can take all the land and pay you half, would it be fine?

Farmer1: Hmm...

And so goes on the discussion.

The worst part here is farmer1 and farmer2 are friends.

It is evident from the chat between them that farmer1 wants the land all to himself and that too for free. His inability to calculate the amount to dig the well by losing a part of his land vs the 50% amount that he could give to his friend shows that he is an idiot. But his statement "Think of a way, I am ok with it" shows he doesnot want to be called unjust.

On the other hand farmer2 was sensible, just and disappointed by the behaviour of his freind.

Having an expectation is good thing, but it mixed with greed is not.


  1. Expecations/desire is different from greed.I think you got the terms wrong in the very first statement. It doesnt sound good.
    Conversation between the farmers could have been better.. not impressive.

  2. @Mr.Unknown....
    I agree...Hence my last sentence.

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