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How can we identify the signs from nature?? Kiran's Q

Kiran asked
: well many ppl say that nature itself gives you the answers to the biggest problems it was mentioned in one of the books "The Alchemist" but all i need to know is how can we master it i mean how can we identify this signs frm nature ???

Answer: (Again, questions of this type can have more than one answers)

I understood your question as (owing to your referring The Alchemist), that nature gives out some signs, some omens, that if identified can lead you to happiness or content. The catch is to identify such omens or signs.

The Alchemist is a good story, most of the people like it, some dislike it. That is a story of Santiago, a boy shepherd, following his dream to find a treasure in the Pyramids and traveling from Spain. During the journey, he is robbed, he finds a job, works hard to earn enough, finds love in the Oasis, finds the legendary Alchemist, finds trouble, literally talks to nature, the sun, the desert and the wind to find a way out. (Already told enough, Sorry :P , for the end read the book, a small one it is).

So the bottomline, he identifies the signs of nature that leads him to his dream.

But Wake UP!!!! Thats a fable, a legendary story, a fictitious story. That definitely boosts up the morale, but the truth is it is much easier to find the signs of nature in actual life.

Lets analyse:
1.We have some beliefs like if a person sneezes just when you are leaving the house, it is considered a bad omen. A sneeze is natural, hence the sign. My question what is the logic? Nope I dont feel this is a sign from the nature.

2.Suppose you are talking on the phone and crossing the road which seemed clear, but suddenly a speeding car moves just in front of you or you were just saved from a danger of falling into a pit or anything. This could be a sign.
This reminds me of a story I heard of Hitler as a kid, not sure if it is true, that Hitler once tried to commit suicide before coming into power and put a gun onto his head and pulled the trigger, but the gun wouldn't shoot as the trigger is jammed. He took this as a sign that he should not commit suicide and he should live as he is supposed to live to deliver something great to the world. (His belief of greatness could be different :) ) Nevertheless he saw a sign.
I think incidents such as this could be taken as omens.
(This doesnot mean that if you first fail in the examination, you are destined to become a cricketer or an actor!!)

3.Signs through the Science of observation. I am negotiating a deal with a customer, I will not wait for God or an Angel to come down and give me a sign by making the customer put his left foot first in the office or the right one. Or by making him wearing a red shirt or a pink(!!) one.
But I would observe his demeanor. Is he blinking a lot while talking, is he thinking a lot, is he seated comfortably on the chair or displaying anxiety, is he showing me the correct statistics in the market or just false data, is he a good man per his reputation in the market, etc. This is called the Science of Observation which can be in turn taken as signs of nature. These are the clear signs that would lead to right decision. Although Science of Observation can be mastered only through practice and experience.

4.I dream of becoming an animator, my parents tells me that requires hardwork and innovation and looking at my performance at school it doesnot look like I can do it, my friends tell me that there is a huge unemployment in the market for animators (example, I really dont know), my teachers tell me that animator when there are much better options, there is only one animation school in the town and that too is 15 km from my home, etc. All these are 'negative' signs of nature, that is compelling you not to pursue your dream. But if you see these as 'negative' signs as 'positive' and you really, from your heart, find solace in animation, then the path to this dream becomes easy for you, against all odds. Great men are made who follows their dream against all odds.
(This doesnot mean that you parents, friends or teachers are wrong, but they become the signs you are looking for. ) Every time the sun sets it doesnot mean that darkness is eternal, it actually indicates that there will be a new dawn tomorrow.

5. Fifth and the final in my list is the most superior and fool proof method of looking for signs. It is called Questioning . 'WHY' is the word. And questioning not others but yourself. When you think that yes, I am vegetarian, you should actually ask why. God gave you a set of teeth that can tear as well as chew, and a digestive system that can digest meat and vegetable, unlike herbivores animals that have flat teeth that can only cud grass and digestive system that digest only veges, unlike Carnivores that have teeth that can only tear like scissors and a digestive system that can digest only meat, then why do you have only vegetables? So the sign is in the mirror, only thing that you don't know to look into it as you have not questioned yourself.
You can find some answers to the questions that is favourable to you in some places, but to actually find the 'signs' you have to look at a place that gives answers opposite to what pleases you. The sign may or may not be in you favour, but thats the way you find a sign.
So, first question 'why', then look for answers at places that pleases you, then look for answer at places that displeases you, then decide.
(Vegetarianism is just an example here, i dont want to further argue about it here, may be some other time and place, please comment on the way to find a sign that I mentioned)

Hope I am clear...

This ends the list of questions I had, Anybody wants to ask more can comment to this post.
Anyone wants to suggest/comment on the way I answer are free to do so...
I take your comments as signs that I am doing well.. :)

thanks for asking and reading...


  1. Are Bhai..meere Qstn ka ans bhi tho post kar ssakthe hoo na? mail kyu kia? Anyway thanks for that mail...

  2. Afaq to Vamshi..

    Ok, Will Post it.. :)

  3. nice one buddy ... i really liked the fourth point and specially "Great men are made who follows their dream against all odds."
    thanks for answering .....

  4. that was a good answer .. keep it Up

  5. I like this topic. :)

    What I understood from your post is, everything that you find, see, listen to and talk to is a sign of nature... whr in ur intuition plays a role too... and u gain the ability to catch on the signs of nature only with ur experience in life.

    It seems like u specially need not look after signs from nature. Only that you just not ignore but consider(positively or negatively, u choose either, with all ur knowledge) everything that comes ur way... the way ur dream needs.

    I can see that when u dream of something, you generally watch ur world with ur dream's perspective... and then u see everything that ur dream needs... and if ur world doesn't show up what ur dream needs, u then need to explore the whole world. :)

  6. though vegetarianism was an example here... liked ur logic ;)

    when you question urself abt a certain thing, you go on looking for answer to it and the signs like 'mirror' in the vegetarianism example u gave shows u the way...only when u dont ignore the sign that ur teeth are made to tear as well as chew.

    however, i thought it makes u think further is u think this way? here it goes... abt ur logic for vegetarianism example, may be, God provided you not just certain things(so specified teeth for humans, in this case) but with everything for you to choose any.

    So, Creatures choose what they want and like so, their organs are developed or has become vestigial in the process of evolution as per their need. human teeth is not an exception. wat say?

    the concept of vegetarianism must be having some other base to talk about?

    make a post on this. ;)

  7. @Alochana (Rahul Bhai)
    For Veg/Non Veg topic, that was one of the arguments one can present.
    There are other arguments too.
    About evolution, then I must say its just a theory, (Unlike Big Bang) theory of Evolution has many against it as there are supporters. So to argue about one thing basing on something which is not proven is like having a shaky foundation.
    Even If we agree with evolution, this implies Humans Chose to be Omnivorous, Cattle chose to be Herbivoruous, And BiG Cats chose to be Carnivorous. That end the discussion implying HUmans can be Omnivoruos (I am not against vegeterianism, only replying to some vegeterians who are against Non-Vegs) :P ...Getting my point??

    Anyways as I said This topic we can discuss in some other post may be...

    Ans about "You need not Specially Look for the signs"
    I would say, If we specially look for it we will see it sooner, and we will be able to catch it better (meaning which is close to truth)

    Thanks for reading and keep on replying...

  8. Okies. And, the thing I was talking is not based on 'The theory of revolution'. I considered the concept of "God provided you not just certain things but with everything for you to choose any."

    I wanted you to make a thought on what would humans choose and based on what, I mean, what all the parameters 'd be considered to choose.

    Will talk more, when you make a post on this.

    Let's continue with signs of nature for now. :)

  9. @Alochana

    Aay Aay Captain..

    What would Humans Choose and Based on What?? ... hmmm Intersting...


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