Monday, 2 November 2009

Everyday is Halloween!

Halloween's gone and I am late again on blogging something in news... :)

Though halloween is not a popular thing in India, we do have an inclination towards our horror flicks....hmmm or I should say 'comedy of horrors'....well Ramsay brothers did sincerely try to make a horror movie but eventually ended up with humour.. :)

Anyways, my halloween evening was not different from others (here in India).. with a dose of scary and/or psycho movies on the picture-tube. The first one we saw was "Scary Movie 3" , not a horror ofcourse, was like a "set the mood" movie, and we had our shares of laugh on Cindy's foolishness. What followed next was getting scarier...I think so, yes, scarier. The three fun seeking desperate boys from "Hostel" landed in trouble when one after the another fell into the hands of a wanted-to-be surgoen but ended-up cutting up people alive and stiching them back psycho who was running an insitute for maniacs like him. I dont know why they loved to slit an American throat and willing to pay as much as 25,000 dollars for them. The movie was damn boring in the beginning and as one of the "heroes" (or victims) meets the villian(identity hidden at that point) in the beginning of the movie and calls him Edward Saladhands (..he he funny) , we knew its him. But towards the end it becomes a little interesting as how one of the three (I forgot his name but he is not Oli) decides to take revenge, bet it!

Micheal Myers returns, resurrected from dead, in "Halloween resurrection". I dont know how successful was "Halloween" but this one was a total disaster. A group of actors were send into dead psycho Micheal's house and asked to stay the night of halloween as the footage from the house is being aired live on internet. The shows called 'dangertainment'. Yeah you got it right, all are killed in the house except for the most terrified lady (as she is being helped by his brother watching the show through mobile and the idiotic, over-acting director of the show. I was hoping till the end that they will reveal all as fake but they resurrected Micheal more resurrections...(Or do they have third already...NOOO).

Also aired was Godzilla, I dont know why. We didnot watch it, else just surfed the channels. "The Descent" was a movie which again based on age-old formula, a group of people try something new, trapped, some weird, horrific, deadly creatures who hunt them, kills some, while others realize a 'weak point' of the creature and discover a chance to get out of it, struggle, "one or two come out". In this one, there were a group of girls digging in the caves, and all blah-blah, ..ha.. the twist is nobody makes out.. :) A human like, blind creature that lives in the dark and hunts on animals and people haunts them. I think this creature was "inspired" or "borrowed" from H.G.Wells' "The Time Machine". Although its shown that Jessica comes out but just before the ends it shows her deep inside the cave "dreaming" as have come out. The movie ends in darkness. .

"The Captivity" started out as the best of all where in Jennifer, the supermodel is kidnapped by some sluggish yet intelligent man. He does some psycho stuff which really makes one scared but he never kills or harms Jennifer. Just then Jen discovers that there is another captive in adjacent room, a handsome young model (I think his name is Dart). He begins to try to confront the psycho and eventually they both fall in love... ring bells... Bingo! Dart is the villian, the psycho, trying to find the love of his a ...uh...unique way, helping him is his stout brother.

She comes out finally...

Waiting for SAW 6 ...Not yet released in India... :(

Hmm, these movies didnot make me as terrified as did the headlines of the local news...

A triple murder case, Killer: a close family friend of victims in bangalore...

An IITian, a pursuer of PhD, Strangled and burned a 19-year old girl....

An MNC employee, Killed wife and child and committed suicide...

And recent international news:

Bomb blasts in Pakistan...

Bomb blasts in Iraq...

Blasts and shoot-out in Kashmir...


Halloween is "celebrated" everyday in this world.

Believe me with "Educated" Homo Sapiens around, we dont need any other creatures to be afraid of... If you really want to scare somebody with a mask on halloween...dont wear one.

To experience the real terror, watch Apocalypse-The second world war story on NGC, starting Nov 9th , Mondays 9 P.M. Belive me its the scariest of all.


  1. Hey..Thats True.. More bad things are happening daily and Take any newspaper and you find morethan enough of them...

  2. nice post buddy...... and do watch SAW VI its awesome and also "Paranormal Activity" a horror flick

  3. Have to watch Paranormal activity..

    But SAW 6 was disappointing..
    It is very very predictable...

    And the idea that Jigsaw is "testing" people is shattered, Its simply like Jigsaw is taking revenge.. that decreases the feeling of fear among viewers..and so movie becomes boring..

  4. Boring blog !!!

    gimme a break


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