Friday, 26 January 2007

And they are fighting still.

And they fought,
For raw meat, not even a pound,
The meat laid there with their corpses to rot,
Never to be found.

And they came to blows,
For barren land, not even a foot,
It is irrigated with the blood that flows,
Seeds never to take the root.

And they raised troops,
For a young girl, not even thirteen,
Wives became widows and whores in groups,
Girl killed herself, never to be seen.

And they killed,
For a bag of coins, not even a dime,
Bag exchanged coffin, the grave was filled,
Coins were never away from crime.

And they drew the sword,
For an auric crown, not even a nickel,
The multitude suffered without uttering a word,
Kings never ended to kill.

And they are fighting still.

P.S. This is my first poem.Hope u like it. I`m waiting for comments...


  1. cool one man !!! nice rhyming .... maintained consistency thru out NOT EVEN a single flaw ... keep penning

  2. real good one....i really liked the subject you have choosen...dealt with subject effectively and sensitively.
    presented the essence very well...kewl...keep bloggin...

  3. this is the most excellent piece of debutante's art i have come across. May god Bless You Afaq .

  4. What can i say,its really e topic and the way u presented..

    hope u continue the same.....keep bloggin byee

  5. Might have been your 1st one,but this is the one I like the most..

    what's going to stop this killing?Peace or killing the ones who kill others? ;)

  6. Bhai zara mujhe bhi sikha na poet likhna


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