Saturday, 27 January 2007

Something has to be done

There is no water-supply though its late in the morning,
It’s the same story everyday.
I am losing my patience, I should do something,
I will not bath today.

Time is ruined in the traffic and health in pollution,
Pits and ditches increasing the agony surely,
Such a gargantuan traffic, something must be done,
Let me lookout for an alley.

Dirt on the table, dirt on the chair,
Office looks awful, janitor being a sloth,
I have to do something, its dirt everywhere,
Let me wipe my seat with a cloth.

Inflation is reaching the ionosphere, what to eat and what not,
Common man is not able to buy basic amenity,
Government is apathetic; things to be done are lot,
I am going to ATM to draw money.

Tensions in Kashmir and war in Iraq,
Dirty politics is leading us to doom,
Something has to be done; war in the name of justice is a mock,
Hey, what’s on channel Zoom?

Life has many problems surrounding,
And people dreaming to change the world is not new,
You have to do ONLY ONE thing,
The change first has to be brought in You.

P.S. My first try at satire.
It speaks about careless attitude of people.


  1. nice subject....seems u r very much interested in social issues just like me.... looked a bit like prose....cos it dealt wid different exaamples and situations which is not so feasible if its a poem........keep bloggin....

  2. I never thought my childhood friend would do me proud this way too.
    I see you there with the "Golden Greats Of Literature:" if you keep going this way.
    Well Done and All The Best

  3. good work in deed but rather not a satire ...........its the true values of life which ur presentinggggggggggggggg

  4. I am sure you might have got this idea from our aprtment where we spent our chidhood days....

    Chutku!!!! Now realizing that you have grown up!

    Great way of presenting day to day life!

  5. True is what you said! ;)
    It's high time we change our attitude towards environment and others..
    But as the Oracle(in Matrix Revolutions) said
    "Change always is (dangerous(sp?) " ;)

  6. yeah this is wat i face every day...traffic,pollution,water prob n lot more....n main reason 4 it is again common gud thought n again gud one.....


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