Friday, 26 January 2007

Great Man

Zealous was he that bright Sunday morning.
Mother was filling the basket with eats,
Father fulfilling his word for an outing.
Rocks and stones gleaming, leaves and flowers dancing
Through the breeze. Children displaying their feats
In the park. Kush was playing with the boys,
Parents were jubilant watching his actions.
Father said with pride to Kush busy with toys,
“My son when grown up will be a great man,
The world will remember.” Eyes with emotions
And body with rags, a boy looked at the bun.
“Go you away and look elsewhere” gave a clue
Kush`s father to him. “Thank you father but”
Kush told his sire, “Will the boy remember you?”

P.S. This is a my first sonnet.
A sonnet has 14 lines with usually 10 syllables in each line.
This has 10 syllables in each line except 3rd ,7th and 14th which has 11 syllables each.

Your comments are my rewards.


  1. nice strt....follwed rules of sonnet, deserves an appreciation...kush,s nature makes me to blog sumthing about a boy like him.....kewl..keep penning..

  2. hello,
    im not much into poetry or blogging but i think u write very well...good theme...nicely put. Sonet sounds complicated but im glad you did a good job...keep it up...its really cool...


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