Thursday, 8 March 2007

The heart of a mother

PROLOGUE: this is a story told by my social teacher in high school farewell. I m sorry i couldnt compress it further. I hope by the end your eyes would be moist.

kindly comment on my way of presenting.

The best day in life for a woman,
Is the day she becomes a mother.
That day she gave birth to a son,
It was even more special to her,
For her marriage was in ninth year.

She liked it when he walked,
When he laughed and when he played,
When he cried she cried a lot,
My son be happy only she prayed,
Not a single word so sharp ever she said.

Day by day she grew old,
But the love remained the same,
Day by day he grew old and bold,
Wicked friends were to blame,
For flesh and fortune now were his aim.

He married a girl very beautiful,
Her beauty filled him with pride,
Alas! She used it as a tool,
She was greedy, jealous and often lied,
O Dear! He couldn’t see the venom inside.

Mother was happy as the son happy,
The wife, though, was not pleased,
She spoke rudely like Xanthippe,
Excited hatred and his reason ceased,
The mother, now a widow, abuses received.

One day as the heat was high,
She compelled him to do one thing,
“Your mother leaves the house or I die.”
But for carnal desire he cared nothing,
And sent her away the next morning.

Wife still unhappy, still restless,
Asked him to kill his mother at once,
He reasoned, she is far, why make a mess?
“If you love me you do it thence,
And bring her heart as evidence”

He started from home with his heart of stone,
Mother smiled but her eyes tears shed,
The blind son stood, his madness grown,
Killed her at once and nothing said,
And cut opened the breast that once fed.

In a rage he ran, that cruel hound,
To show his wife the bloody heart,
Hitting a rock he fell down to ground,
And a voice was heard from the heart in dirt,
“Son , my son , are you hurt?”


  1. Hey it's really gud n very emotional n speaks reality abt presnt youth n their aloof nature from their parents aftr marriage......hope one undersatnds the love of mother till death.....

  2. hey afaq really very nice one yaar.presentation also very gud.very nicely speaking about mother's heart....i liked it very very much

  3. Liked it very much..

    *double thumbsup*

    Presentaltion was...well..what can I say?Fantastic!!!

    Now waiting for you book... ;)

  4. Too good yaar (aur kya enginering ko chod aur kavi ban ja)

  5. hey afaque...this is one of the touching poem of all ur set.....and believe me my heart wept after reading shows the ....a rather "bad"side of a son towards his mother........and right now i want to hav my finger marks on his neck!!!!good work...ofcourse the credit goes to ur teacher i suppose.....

  6. nice one buddy..real touching....but to my memory...i had already read this one....but it was really kewl to read it...keep penning...

  7. Heard the story but then it didnot touch my heart as it did now! Presentation is superb. Felt a bit lengthy to go thru but if compressed would not b as impressive as it is. The stages of the boy from child to youngster could hav been better xpressed than they were. Well.....Had a nice poem to read.Keep it up Afaq!

  8. hey too good re...... awesome presentation gr8 narration and u really touched our hearts......good job man keep it up.....


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