Sunday, 11 March 2007

RED:: Episode:1

“Red is the color that catches the eye,” said Marshall while designing the banner for the upcoming event. “This is going to be a great event,” he continued with confidence.
“Green, blue, orange, yellow and pink also catches the eye,” argued Priyanka. She was wearing maroon.
“Yep, but red is different,” defended Marshal, “red is …aaaanh….sooo RED.”
Anand stepped in the cabin, crowded with furniture, at a corner of the building and closed the stained glass doors behind and said,”Guys, what’s happening?”
Priyanka explained and Anand smiled. “Well,” said he, “They respect you when they offer you a red carpet.”
“Do they when they ‘offer’ you a red card?” asked Priyanka sarcastically. “Many shades of red we see here,” she continued, “when red is used as a symbol of revolution, of bloodiness and of war, it is also used as a symbol of love. We see it in red roses and red ‘heart-shaped’ balloons especially on Valentines Day.”
Anand remembered a letter send to him by his father from Kargil. He said in a grave voice, “My dad once said that the color he hated most is red. He said in a letter to me that during the war the earth becomes red with blood, with anger and with shame. The sky appears red reflecting the ground.”
All the three were silent for a while. Then Anand said, “Hey, when is the event, the red-letter day?”
“On 24th this month,” answered Priyanka and continued, “Thank God that there are organizations like Red Cross and Red Crescent that works for the relief of victims of war, natural disaster, etc.”
Marshal withdrew from his mouse and keyboard, turned towards them and said, “Red has a great history attached to it. The Bolsheviks once used red color as a symbol of revolution representing their communist ideas. Garibaldi and his army wore red shirts and worked for the unification of Germany. And in the same Germany, Hitler used red colored flags that represented his evil ambitions.”
“Bhagat Singh distributed red pamphlets before he surrendered,” Priyanka added.
“Hey, Hey now you both please stop. Marshal you use the red background for the banner, man, no problem in that,” Anand interrupted.
“The design is complete, have a look,” said Marshal and opened the image on the screen of the computer. It was really a good design that will definitely attract the people.
“Who will know that this banner over here had provoked us to have such a lengthy discussion,” said Priyanka.
That evening Anand was walking along the pavement and was surprised to see or rather not see anybody. The streets were empty, the shops were closed, the road was nude and there was an uneasy calmness in the atmosphere. He felt he was alone in the world. No sooner he could think what was going on than a bullet struck the wall an inch far from him........................................ be continued soon in the episode :2

Epilogue:plz comment this is my first prose. as soon as i get atleast two comments i will post the second episode.


  1. Is it true that a bullet jus missed him?

  2. Interseting..Waiting for more... :)
    I like the way you narate..

    keep it coming.

  3. hey afag really nice presented it in an interesting way.(well to say i liked the character names as well he he) well ,when one read it they will be surprised to ,u know read such sudden twist kinda scene.keep it up yaar accha suspense hai.write it soon orelse we will be scratching our heads thinking abt what happend next...

  4. of all your blogs,this one i like the really shows the importance of a colour..and it shows the irony of the colour viewed from different perspectives....
    very good work.....

  5. hey its a nice to know a lot abt the colour RED...
    eagerly waiting for the next episode........sanjay

  6. Well will comment aftr nxt 2nd gud presentation.....

  7. Well nothing much to say on this...

    Good effort... ( soo much info on red )

    Words like

    "said Marshall"
    "defended Marshal"
    "Priyanka explained and Anand smiled"
    "asked Priyanka"
    "Anand remembered"
    "Anand said"
    "answered Priyanka"
    "Priyanka added"
    "Anand interrupted"
    "said Priyanka"

    Just shows how desperate, nervous and sincere you were in your writing

    to make sure others got this exactly the way you have it on ur mind..

    way to go....


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