Monday, 12 March 2007

RED::Episode:3::The final run.

Prologue::: PLease read Episodes 1 And 2 Before reading this.

His father brought him a glass of orange juice and sat on the adjacent chair. He said, "Son, you don’t worry about all these. I am here to take care of that." But Anand was adamant. He said, "No dad, tell me I need to know all."

Though reluctantly, his dad said, "Ok, you know this is a very bad world. The killing started somewhere in Paris and it spread like a disease. Let me show you." He then switched on the television with the remote control and showed him the international news channel. The thing they observed firstly was that the screen, other than the template and logo of the channel, was crimson red. They heard,
‘This is the view of the Atlantic and the Indian ocean from above. It is completely red. The other images you can see show the red sky which is reflecting the earth. Blood that is shed in the carnage mixed with the river and that went straight into the ocean polluting it. Let’s see once again where it all started. This is the footage of the family which was having breakfast this morning. They say that suddenly their food, the bread and the cereals, even the water turned red. The forensic tests say that the ingredient found in the food was mainly composed of blood. Ironically, the family members say that they liked the taste. And the madness grew from here when people from different parts of the state were reported killing and devouring on the corpses of others. Amongst these puzzles, the main questions that are being asked are ‘Is this madness a disease?’, ‘Is the killing going to stop and if so, then how?’’
The father turned the television mute which still showed the bloody images. He then said, "The family which had the bloody breakfast is any common family in the world. But they were so indulged in corruption that they were drinking common people’s blood even before this incident happened. This is the only reason I can think of why they liked the taste of blood. After the incident their greed increased, they wanted more blood. So they started killing. But hours later such incidents occurred in other parts of the world including India. It is like a spell and all the dishonest people are under this spell."
"Dad, and the bullets. Who were they?"

"They were the soldiers of the security force. They thought that you were one of the ‘Red Men’."

"Red Men?"

"They are called Red Men and you can speculate why. I was with the force and when I saw you, immediately I moved with the force to your rescue."

"How come I didn’t know all this in college?"

"You were lucky my son. Rather I am lucky that you are safe. In our city it started from far east and your college is in the west, far west. In fact our house is also far from the epicenter of the carnage."

"What now dad, Is it going to stop?"

"Don’t know. All I know is that it wouldn’t have started if people were not so deceitful, if only they did their jobs without necessitating bribes, if only they didn’t offer bribes, if only they didn’t kill each other for selfish needs, if only, for filling their pockets, they didn’t incite riots, if only the foolish people didn’t react on such incitation, if only they believed in hard-earned money rather than quick-earned money, if only they knew that they have to answer God for every penny they have earned by unfair means, if only they were honest, my son, if only they were honest."

Just then they heard a blast in the neighboring building.
"And then I woke up," said Anand to Marshal and Priyanka the next day and continued, "I was sweating then."

"That was a terrifying dream, although it was true in a sense," Priyanka said in a grave voice.

"You should stop playing violent video games right now," said Marshal to lighten up the grave atmosphere.

"Yeah it was terrifying," said Anand, "And I cried in the night. Partly for that I saw in the dream and partly for I love my dad." His eyes were wet.

His dad was a martyr in the Kargil war.

Epilogue::: Im dying for the comments. This was my first prose. so kindly save me from dying.


  1. hii
    this blog z food for thought...
    encourages us 2 think how we should make our future.. so dat our future generations wont b blood thirsty!!!
    the end z good.....
    but ohhh the poor red colour..!!!!
    blood red u symbolised 4 terror, but it z the same blood red which may save some one's life...
    any ways...... all good ending.
    all the best 4 other blogs yaaroo!!!

  2. I see a lot of subtext..:)

    I really like it..

    *Triple Theumbsup*!!

    As I already said..keep it coming!!
    p.s:you are giving me new ideas for my story as well thorugh these.. :)
    maybe I will include your name in my story!! ;)

  3. Scribbling something on general/more talked of things is common.speciality lies in bringing out much from "simple" but 'hard to write something on' topics-topics which 2day very few think on!!Glad to have such a beautiful narration on one such topic.Never felt this is the first piece of prose from u,while going thru it.Congrats to u! U really deserve appreciation for this.But.....the topic is a little boring and the start, though superb collection of what red implies and ofcourse a very good start(nothing wud have been better in its place,as I feel) bores a bit.
    On the whole it was very good.with some more interesting topics I feel U can bring much more better things.go on.....
    Awaitng ur next best.

  4. Afaq man this piece was really enlightning to me.. i would say u have all the necessary ingradients of being a succesful writer..


  5. I really appreciate the time and effor that went in ,putting this up !!!

    I would term this as..



    The plot of the story is not well planned....wonder if you knew what you wanted to tell when you started it..


    'should have been a school boy instead of a college going student'

    'I know it was a dream but still i feel that the Intensity of the curfew should have been a bit less, which would make it more meaningful and realistic'


So..What's your point?


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