Monday, 12 March 2007


Prologue::: Please read episode 1 b4 reading this...

……He felt he was alone in the world. No sooner he could think what was going on than a bullet struck the wall an inch far from him. He was shocked and ran as fast as he could to find a cover. God only knows how he saved himself from the swarming bullets. For a moment he thought he was in Iraq. He tried to read what a nearby banner said but he couldn’t. Suddenly he saw that the sky is turning red. But he had no time to think. He saw a group of people holding daggers, swords and torches in hands was approaching him. They were shouting, "We want blood, we are thirsty, we want blood." Now he was trapped, if he moves back the bullet would find his heart and if he stays there the people will be devouring on his body seconds later. He was frightened to death. He was wet in sweat and blank in thought. As the crowd moved closer and closer, he lost control on his body and hid his face with his hands and closed his eyes waiting for him to attack. He waited and waited and when he couldn’t wait any longer he opened his eyes to find that he was lying on a bed. His father was near the window, fully dressed in his uniform and with a M16 in his hand. Anand only gave a shout and started crying. He then jumped out of his bed and hugged his dad.
"You don’t worry my son. I am here now."
Anand was still frightened and his legs were not stable. He fell down and his dad helped him to sit on the sofa. Moments later when Anand retained his equilibrium he said, "Dad, How did you get there and why don’t I remember anything. What’s going on dad? When I left for the college in the morning everything was fine but suddenly what happened. Why suddenly the curfew was ordered. Who were the people and why were they shouting ‘we want blood, we are thirsty’ what does that mean. What’s happening dad?" Anand was very confused. He continued, "And dad why was the sky Red???????"

Epilogue:: Thanx for the overwhelming response. My third and final episode will be posted withtin 4 days. It explains allllllll........ Thanx once again.


  1. hiii ra i hope this is ur first blog wid a very simple english.......liked it a lot ....tell u frankly throught the blog i felt if i was writting that blog .....i like the way u presented.....keep blogin nd rockin byee

  2. the second episode is good......eagerly waiting for the final episode.....lets see wat happens!!!!

  3. but there are a few grammatical mistakes!!!!check it out

  4. nice plot nd suspense created,,....waiting for the next episide,,,not the routine predictable story...keep bloggin...

  5. This was quiet funny, njoyd other said simple english.....3rd episode...waitin for it...>>

  6. *Double thumbsup*!!

  7. last the third episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!huh.....
    Its a good story......dealing with the happenings of the world these days.........i liked it a lot...but frankly....the ending was a bit too filmy.......take lite....... but on the whole....its good!!!keep it up!!!

  8. The intent of the curfew is too high..too high for anyone to imagine if this could ever be something real...except for if its a dream....( quiet predictable )

    One suprising thing i found was relating...

    A college going guy ??

    A guy with a caliber to be a part of a group taking decision on what a banner should have for an event.... ??

    with terms like...

    shouting , crying, shivering, hugging his father.

    Way to foolish for a guy doing his college..

    No smart thinking...

    Looking forward for the final run.. the third part


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