Sunday, 19 July 2009

Bolt is my new hero!!

I have seen this movie just now, thought I give my views before I lose the hang of it.
But then the thing is I can write my thoughts anytime as I think I will never put this out of my memory.

Think you have seen all the super hero movies....think again.

This movie reminded me of 'The Truman Show' during the first half hour of it and I thought its the same thing in a new package. But then it went on to be a different story and a very good one.
This story teaches, to kids ofcourse, that whatever seen on television need not be true. The dog believes that it has super powers although it has none. As it discovers that it cannot perform 'zoom' or 'stare' or 'super bark' it sulks into disappointment. A friend, or rather a fan, then encourages it and gradually on its way to save his best friend bolt comes closer to life.
The story talks about friendship and in a best possible way.

Although I am very late in writing about bolt, it is never late to see this movie. For kids its a must watch.

And Yes...Dont Miss the SUPER BARK towards the end of the movie.


  1. hey quite a good movie na..... how about the song "I thought i lost u" in the moivie sung by Miley and john trovalta??

  2. Afaque to Kiran24 July 2009 at 14:49

    I have to listen again carefully coz I aint a follower of english songs,, but yes the song played while they travel to california is superb.Probably you are talking about same thing...

    And I know the reason you saw this movie is Miley Cyrus :P ...

  3. hehee you got me...... ya the same song ......its awesome ....hey how about Transformers .... i didn't get time to watch tat movie. but the movies got good reviews i recommend u to watch tat movie nd have ur say on it...

  4. Afaque to kiran26 July 2009 at 10:47

    haan transformrs 2 i have seen.. i liked the action sequences and the robots but the story didnot excite me to write up on it.


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