Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Droplets Of Time

A walk-lone,
At night in the rain.
Vaguely shown,
The path and the pain.

He moved in mud,
The mud moved along.
But he never heard,
The rain drops' song.

The pockets hid his hands,
And he looked down.
The street was lit in alternate bands,
While he entered the darker ground.

Drenched was he,
From head to toe.
The eyes were gloomy,
Tears that do not show.

As he entered the light,
The Clouds roared.
He stood there in fright,
Oblivious to what it stored.

Agitated, he raised his head,
Under the head of the pole,
The droplets shining something said,
His mind the little crystals stole.

They moved in never ending line,
Falling from the Heaven.
And brought a message divine,
That he could see it then.

Behind the unending droplets of troubles,
There is end and there is hope,
The times are just like bubbles,
All you have to do is look-up.


  1. Lovely poem.... kinda thought provoking.....this is one of those works that reminds us that hope and faith are very important in life... hats off to you..... your writing skills keep improving day by day....

  2. Good !! attempt

  3. Super one Afaque.. wondering thinking...very nice !!


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