Sunday, 12 July 2009


Imagine its 1991... when the world was atleast as bigger as its size... communication was slower... technology was in its childhood... movies though looked unreal were believed to be realistic... world wide web was about to make it debut and there was a myth that the worlds gonna end in few years if not in 2000. The stage was set and all it required was a director which it got in James Cameron. A brilliant story of beginning of the end of the world, a saviour, the skynet, time-travel, marvellous on-screen effects created using simple things like mercury and twins as well using sophisticated computer imagery. Best part, the story was set in 1991 and not in 2029, a time which the people could relate to back then. What else can NOT make is a super duper successful movie? That was about the judgement day.

18-years later the Terminator attains salvation but its not the same as before. The action sequences and the graphics are more realistic on the screen yet the belief is lost. Probably the reason being people more believe in today rather than worry about the future.

Few things about the story:
Every time travel story has a flaw and that is 'time travel' itself. John Connor, who is the future leader of human resistance, seen as messiah on lines with Jesus Christ, is he really a hero? He has taken only one decision and that is to send his to-be-dad Kyle Reese to past to save his mother but this decision of his was actually a message from his mother in a recorded tape. So even this decision of his was not his. So this time travel actually decides the fate of John and he becomes the saviour but there is still not a single moment in his life that tests his leadership. So John is a hero by chance. In fact, Marcus Wright emerges as a hero in terminaor Salvation and he is the one who attains salvation by sacrificinng his life for John.
Hope the next of the terminator installments would focus on developing John as a true saviour.


  1. waiting for the terminator to get terminated.

  2. wow yaar good presentation..... are they going to release another "Terminator"??? can't imagine Terminator minus Arnold...

  3. Good One Afaq !! Cant agree with you more on this ....

  4. They should have stoped with the "judegement day" ... the 1st movie was ok and the 2nd was great.. the 3rd... well repeated the same story over and over again...

    Salvation as u said was not about John... i am tired of these movies...

    ** cloases all other windows and starts watching The Matrix***

    **Smiles** ;)


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