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Does the word “RoadRash” ring any bells. No? Then there is something wrong with you. If you haven’t played games like Mario, Prince of Persia, Dave and RoadRash then you have missed, or I should say missing, something in life. Anyways if you are able to see the image above then you know I am talking about the classic bike racing game that we loved as a kid(No, I am not Old as in 60-years, I am just 23 :P) and that we(I can pretty confidently use ‘we’) love today too.
Anyways what I am going to do here is a draw a table that has two columns which will basically compare RoadRash and Life, hence the title Life-Rash.
#You choose a character and a path before starting the game.
^You choose your character and your path while in the game.
#The race starts at the countdown of three to one.
^The race was started long back, wake up!!!
#None among the racers are your friend.
^Many among the racers are your friend.
#All racers ride different bikes, every bike has different power.
^All racers have different talents and capabilities.
#Roads have pits, water and other hurdles.
^Life has sorrows, failures and surprises.
#One straight road takes you to your destination.
^Life takes many twists and turns before you reach anywhere.
#You have a speedometer that shows the speed.
^You have to calculate the speed yourself.
#You have a power booster to increase speed and power.
^You have friends, family, spouse, children, teachers, etc to boost morale and provide support.
#If you try to speed up and moved ahead all within yourself, Jon comes from behind and kicks your bike down.
^The world never leaves you alone, if you move up in life even without harming others, some others try to pull you down.
#You fall, but you get up again take your bike and start the race again.
^Only the courageous and the determined gets up after going down for a while.
#Ah ah, if you fall too many times your bike goes wrecked and the race ends for you.
^No matter how many times you fall the race still goes on.
#O’Shea, the police is behind you. But you can kick him down.
^You can kick the law once, twice, but one day it pays back in your own coin.
#You see Bose, Cydney and Mike hitting each other in front of you and you silently make your way ahead of them.
^Yeah, that’s called opportunity in life.
#You move on the wrong way and the incoming vehicles move towards you faster.
^Make a wrong decision and effects can be seen faster.
#You make your way between two cars, one moving forward in front of you and other moving towards you and manage not to fall.
^That’s called Luck in life.
#You try to move forward but hit a car crossing you and fall.
^Ouch, that’s Bad luck.
#Once you fall and are running to grab your vehicle and just then a biker hits and runs. You fall again.
^Once you fall, people tend to push you down further.
#You come to a point where the road splits and have to make quick decision which one to take or you will hit the building at the center.
^You come across many such road splits. Some take the common road and some take the road not taken.
#Once you cross all and are on no.1 Position, all you have to do is NOT fall by being more alert and you will be the winner.
^Once on top, a small mistake can make you fall facedown.
#If you ride at no.1 position for too long you will be bored. Atleast I am.
^You are alone and without enthusiasm if at the top for long.
#The last leg of the race where you can see the Finish Line, the mind become more alert and the eyes see only the finish line.
^That’s called the drive for success.
#You get money if you win.
^You are paid in variety, money, fame, respect, happiness, power, etc
#Your competitors laugh at you when you lose.
^Your enemies sure do.
#You qualify races to earn money, you use the money to buy better bikes, and you then use the bike to earn more money. Finally it ends with Diablo, an ultimate bike.
^You spend energy and time to earn money, you earn money for happiness, fun and comfort, and you end up utilizing every bit of energy and time to earn money that you don’t have any left for fun and happiness. This ends, ironically, with Death, somewhat close in meaning with word Diablo.
#Last but not the least; you have full control over you game.
^You have a considerable control on your life.

I could have used any game to compare with life but I thought that most of us have a personal tie-up with RoadRash, at least most of us who are of my age.

At the end, I would only want to say that Life doesn’t have an ‘Esc Key’ which we can press twice and start all over again.

P.S. Guys..and as a matter of fact girls too….please don’t get carried away by the game, drive safe… :P .

Sorry couldnt create two columns while posting so created point wise.


  1. Good !!!!! attempt

  2. I hope this wasn't a spontaneous thought.Great way to compare life...keep posting...

  3. Afaque to Prasad..26 July 2009 at 22:44

    Actually it was... :)

  4. That was really good one.....
    I liked it a lot....

  5. nice thought ...... u must be a die hard road rash fan....but all in all gr8 comparision...


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